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    New Ipods

    amen to that! i just spent 2 hours getting to work while only listening to 2 songs on repeat.
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    Official Wii Launch Details

    its always the same with launch titles though for any console. the launch games are just enough to keep people interested until better games come along. wait until the Wii has been out a few months and then expect the level to be raised on graphics and gameplay. it always happens
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    Official Wii Launch Details

    i dont really care for graphics or realism in games. if i have fun and enjoy playing the games, then thats cool. Nintendo Wii is definately calling out to me and it looks like ill be preordering one soon :D
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    Are You A Young Genius, Or A Button Zapping Old Duffer?

    20. and still as immature as i was when i was 12 :D
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    So When Are We Getting Carmageddon On The Gp?!?!

    yeah me too :blink:
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    Guy Who Wants To Sue Gamepark, Gph, Me & Ed

    it was dull and miserable this morning on my way to work, and that one quote made my day :lol:
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    Guy Who Wants To Sue Gamepark, Gph, Me & Ed

    maybe its an advertising campaign for us to drop our GP2X's by GamePark!!!!!!!! AND ITS MESSING WITH OUR HEADS!!!!!
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    Gp2x Package For Sale

    wtf? can we get him banned? he annoys me
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    An Issue With The Damned Gp2x Stick!

    wrong section. this is gp32
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    Forum User Stats

    awesome :) going to take a look at that when i finish work. might even give me the motivation to create something at last
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    Latest Payback Video

    looks awesome. am really looking forward to this being released now :)
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    Forum User Stats

    i do games computing at uni and want to start developing but havent had time this summer due to one thing or another popping up when i was about to start. was also going to do something for my dissertation this year on GP2X but unsure since lecturers want to test and see projects which will be...
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    A Clone.... Nearly

    this was talked about on another thread. did anyone eventually buy one?
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    Firmware Upgrade Compatible Cards And Faq

    i have a kingston 1GB card and i cant upgrade the firmware with it
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    Headphone Output Promlem

    i have the same problem after my headphone socket fell off. someone i know soldered it back on for me and the headphone socket is picky at whether it uses one ear piece, both or neither. but then i just decided not to care, so now when travelling to work, the rest of the people on the bus gets...
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    Anyone Know What This Portable Device Is ???

    good idea :) doesnt look too bad for a little device. and the price isnt too expensive. its just exactly how reliable it is ;)
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    Interview With Marios Creator

    you serious?
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    Anyone Know What This Portable Device Is ???

    Sunplus Not much info around about it but the company that make it have a website which doesnt say much either ;) although they apparently are a big worldwide company
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    Basic Questions

    hi, normal headphones can be used with the GP2X. doesnt have a special headphone socket. and although i dont know about LAN or bluetooth connectivity, im sure if you search the forum something will pop up :)