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    I Need Some Advice About My Next Gaming Console :)

    80gig? why so small can't get much on that, I agree a modded xbox is a good thing to have but I personally don't think it is a vital machine to own as far as it's original games go, I mean it's no classic and I don't think it will ever truely be seen as a vital retro console to own. Not sure...
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    Post Your Console Collections! V2.0

    It's miss Ryoko as in the demon caller from tenchu moyo, I paid £40 for my lynx 1 many moons ago, with 12 games and an AC adaptor, I know I was mostly paying for the official original AC adaptor, the Lynx 2 I got for free with an official case and about 7 games I think?. my fiance's brother gave...
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    Hmv Portable Hand Held Mega Drive £29.99

    They have been selling them in Argos for ages, I got one when they came out (I put a post on here about it when I got it), only difference is the colour the HMV picture shows it black and red the one I bought was white and blue.
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    Pandora Questions And Answers

    Fair enough, What the hell I'll get one if I can, anyone got an email to register my interest in a pre-order?. I havn't got the newsletter email with the info.
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    Pandora Questions And Answers

    The price is a bit steep for me, it's in EEEPC territory. Is there a chance the price will drop if it really takes off?
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    Post Your Console Collections! V2.0

    As I did this before I will also list mods and if I still have the original packaging for em. 1 Dreamcast (chipped and boxed) 1 Saturn (Chipped) 1 Mega Drive (cart slot grinded) 1 PS1 (chipped and painted shiney silver) 1 PSone (chipped and boxed) 1 Fat PS2 (boxed) 1 PS2 slim line (boxed...
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    I Need Some Advice About My Next Gaming Console :)

    Have a look on Ebay a couple of months ago I bought 4 brand new in the box official VMUs for £2 each and two new in box official controllers for a tenner each (could have got used ones for less but prefer to pay for unused). If you can find one get your DC chipped as well, some games are stupid...
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    Shady Ds

    As much as I like all the cheep Chinese consoles and things they sell at Dealextreme, I all ways take any branded goods they have there to be fake, I mean they are selling slot 1 supercards for £7 they have to be fake, I'd do a search for an official supplier of what ever card you are after not...
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    Gp2x Predecessor Out Before Christmas?

    The word Wiz just fills my head with the disturbing image of Micheal Jackson dressed as a scarecrow and nothing shoould ever make anyone think of that. I ain't buying something with the word Wiz on it unless I buy a bottle of paint stripper with it, I just can't take that disturbing image.
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    Post Your Handheld Collections!!

    Cool thanks for the list I will have to seek them out (well at least some of them). I really don't know what the crow game is, it's b&w when you start it up you have a crow sitting on a power line, don't have a clue what its about but it has a strange instruction book or just a story book in...
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    Post Your Handheld Collections!!

    Just got a crystal black Wonderswan color with two strange B&W games off ebay for £11.41p (ones Bluffers evolution the other is some odd thing with a crow) Now can anyone recommend some decent games to get for it? (apart from the Gunpey which I must get).
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    Post Your Handheld Collections!!

    Well since I was on here last I have splashed out on a few things. I now have a pink DS lite (which I am decorating with loads of hello kitty stickers) I got the FF7: Crisis Core PSP slim and light bundle and I got a 20 in 1 mega drive handheld games machine. I am now thinking of getting a...
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    Mega Drive Handheld

    Hi all I know the yanks have had a black and red version for ages but Argos has just got in a blue and white version of the 20 games in 1 mega drive handheld for £29.99. I bought one on Sunday to add to the collection and I must say I am pretty impressed with it, Spent far too long playing it...
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    Games That Only You Like...

    Joust sure it is a classic beloved in it's day but when I say to most people that it's my fave game they haven't heard of it and laugh at me when I explain it, calling me old school and retro freak etc and tell me to get with the times :rolleyes: And that is at work BTW, I'm a games tester...
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    If God Had A Handheld

    How the hell do you play games on that thing? it hasn't got a proper d-pad or stick. If God did have a handheld it would be a Neo Geo Pocket Color
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    Help Me With My Super Card Please

    Thank you, I got Bleach 2nd auto saving now ^_^
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    Help Me With My Super Card Please

    Hello I have a normal fat DS and an original slot 2 Supercard that uses miniSD. Anyway I just downloaded Bleach 2nd and the auto save don't work anyone know how to fix this? I'm sorry to say that despite the fact I've had the supercard for a long time I don't know how to update it or anything...
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    Atari Lynx Wiki Crap

    I've just been reading Wikipedia to see what handheld might be good to get next and I started reading the entries for machines I already have when I came accross this on the Atari Lynx wiki. "The Lynx holds the distinction of being the world's first handheld electronic game with a color LCD...
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    Crap Screen In New Two Colour Nds?

    Oh its been doing the rounds a bit mainly on small forums altho Kotaku said about it aswell. Heres a forum with a comparision shot DS screen comparision