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    Linux On Gba

    I already have, as mentioned in my first post. The crapper the console, the funner the challenge i say. I don't know, that site is confusing as hell, it just seems to ramble on about the architechture of the GBA and not about actually getting uClinux on the damn thing. That's why i'm...
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    Linux On Gba

    So i've got Linux running on an iPaq, a Dreamcast and of course my fantastic GP32 and appeared to have developed a habit along the way. I've heard stories, some of which i found to be complete hoaxes, about running Linux on the GBA. Anyone got any links/experience they could share on the...
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    Most wanted

    Most wanted, i'm still dreaming of a DOS emulator, something like DOSbox. Imagine the gaming potential just to be able to slap a .exe of your favorite old DOS game on your GP and play it! Surely this is the ultimate emu.
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    DOOM: What's Your Favourite WAD?

    Duke Nuke was very good and very playble, it's a pity it's just the one level though. Half-life was impressive, but way too short again. Doom 64 is a good all rounder. Hacx is refeshing because of it's modern cyber-punk style. Not played any others yet... :unsure:
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    Sierra New Versions Classics

    Police Quest, now there is the type of game i'd love to see on my GP32. Used to spend hours on that year ago, trying to get to the crime in time,saying the right thing, truncheoning someone. Ahhh, fun.
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    Saving Weirdness

    God GPDoom working with my (legal and proud) Doom ][ WAD. I understand save problems are pretty commonplace (reading the documentation and reviews) I'm having great fun zombie/alien/monster blasting when it's time to get to work. I save (took 2/3 seconds), play for a while longer, die. I reload...
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    Selling Gp32 Flu + Chatboard Etc (uk)

    I am the lucky owner of this, taras' old (and my new) GP32 gp32_console :D