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    A Really Famous Torrent Site Is Back Online!

    anyone sort me with an invite?
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    So, Jerry Falwell Is Dead ...

    yay for porn
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    Ds Homebrew... r4ds 16 quid delivered.
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    Santa Claus The Documentary

    my wee sisters 10 and i would be so pissed if her school told her santa wasnt real. She still completely believes.
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    Road Tax Petition

    If u can be assed to sign this give it a sign. worth a try right.
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    Check Out This

    Dont know if this has already been posted but if it hasnt check it out. Its pretty damn funny. Clicky
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    Anyone Got A Ps3 Yet ?

    They will ship to the EU. thats just on there to avoid a lawsuit from sony. talked to the guy who runs the shop, he says the order will go through no problem.
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    Anyone Got A Ps3 Yet ? 750 pounds for the premium, dont know how good that is but the company are grand. have ordered nds flash cards off them and never had a problem.
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    Weigh 80kilos can bench 65kilos 10 reps.
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    Broadband On Incoming Line Only

    uploading on adsl has nothing to do with making an outgoing call. You dont need outgoing or incoming calls for adsl, all you need is the phone line.
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    Broadband On Incoming Line Only

    no not sat. Incoming only. Line rental is 10 pounds per querter instead of 11 per month. Terms and conditions say your not allowed it if u want adsl. BT are fucking twats. Your also not allowed it if you own a mobile phone
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    Broadband On Incoming Line Only

    anyone know if its possible to have broadband on a bt line with incoming calls only?
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    Anyone Have An Idea When Next Xbox Shipment Will B

    Never got my xbox pre-order. Bastardin game ran out. Gay bastards. Anyone have any idea when the next shgipment will be in. The man in game said march/april but thats prretty unbelievable. Any chance of me picking up an xbox at a reasnoble proce before christmas.
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    Us Forum Members... Who's Found Good Places For

    damn right it does. Its a dodgy sale. who ever 1 wont be seeing an xbox
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    E-buyer Problems

    kept cancelling my order for no reason. ordered with overclockers instead.
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    Pc Diy Help

    if your looking for a midrange car ud be better going with the x800gt. but you cant pair these up. ahh well.
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    Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

    finished it last night didnt get any sleep tho
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    The Argument Shed

    England are going to really have to work hard to make its young islamic population not feel like 2nd class citizens. If they do it wil only cause a shitload of young islamic people in britain to join terrorist organistation. kickinwing:
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    Fnes32 Leaked

    Im in the UK so i dont give a fuck about your bulshit American constitution. All Im saying is that if it was a leaked beta, all you would accomplish by posting it here, is pissing off the mods and the coders.
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    Fnes32 Leaked

    fnes32 has been around for years dont post "leaked" emulators on this board anyway. All leaked emulators ever did for this scene was make the projects coder abandon the emulator.