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  1. Trejo

    [SOLD] OK, I've changed my mind. My Pyra is up for sale. Need to raise some funds.

    Appreciate it but not interested besides I’m in the USA.
  2. Trejo

    Pyra- To sell or not to sell. That is the question

    Not interested just will wait for mine
  3. Trejo

    A case of polls!

    You probably won’t get one. I preordered last month and haven’t received.
  4. Trejo

    Vulcan Flipstart (UMPC)

    $2,000 dollar is my price
  5. Trejo

    Vulcan Flipstart (UMPC)

    I own one very expensive
  6. Trejo

    [SOLD] Selling my second Unused 1GHz Pandora

    Yes, I’ve been patiently waiting for the Pyra and reading the updates the last two years. I have no Linux experience at all but slowly learning the basics on an older used Pandora.
  7. Trejo

    [SOLD] Selling my second Unused 1GHz Pandora

    I’ll take it 1584888624 I’m interested