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  1. pokitfoxx

    I'm back-ish

    Sorry I didn't mention the guy at school was looking at the site and I didn't have it with me
  2. pokitfoxx

    I'm back-ish

    Why thank you good sir/maam! I'm afraid I had a plan to ship it in and get it replaced....a loooong time ago, I'll have to see if I can scrounge up the $$ to get it sent there. I did preorder a tv out cable and when I send it in to ED I'll ask him about it. Thanks a lot my genderless friend...
  3. pokitfoxx

    I'm back-ish

    Hey all How's life? Im an original backer and preorderer, pandora # 1001 :) 2 years ago I put my pandora away due to the ptod and left bumper being busted. Today in school a student was looking at the open pandora and I told him I have 1, after his jaw dropped, we started talking about it...
  4. pokitfoxx

    Which websites should we advertise on

    get it on and you will sell them sry not advertising but if they sell it, the market for the pandora will grow
  5. pokitfoxx has first US repair

    This is a good and bad thing for me. I have been putting off getting my lcd cable replaced, so other pre-orders can get done and people that would use their pandoras more than me can. I like the idea of sending my pandora to you because of the save in time/shipping prices. however I did want to...
  6. pokitfoxx

    Best games to play ON the Pandora

    Honestly, my pandora has the ptod, i just havnt really had the money to send it in just yet, and havnt played it in a while, a week ago, i picked it up and 1 particular native pandora game got me addicted, KETM Kill everything that moves is a wicked game to just play anywhere anytime...
  7. pokitfoxx

    [Rec] Best adventure games

    Not playable on the Pandora as far as i know, unless you get windows 95 running ;) but RAMA, by Arthur C. Clark was an amazing adventure game! the puzzles and things you see in that game are unparralelled! also Day of the Tentacle for sure and all the Space Quests! Camelot, a fairly old...
  8. pokitfoxx

    Is there ever going to be a TV-Out cable?

    i will gladly pay any1 like 20 Canadian dollars for a tv out cable. that being said, if i can get a nice super long cable for it i would be happy, any1 up for it?
  9. pokitfoxx

    how to find other pandora owners/users/potentials

    woohoo wow this is awesome!! we just have to get EVERY1 that has a pandora to get on the map like i am now! :D
  10. pokitfoxx

    When can i preorder a Pandora 2 ?

    hmm why dont i just dupe glitch the rare candies?
  11. pokitfoxx

    When can i preorder a Pandora 2 ?

    my only concern is me not being able to afford a pandora 2 if it JUST APPEARS, maybe a little warning so i can save up the money would be nice, if not would be something like this.... wild Pandora 2 appears *you will be unable to flee from this fight* PokitFoxx sends out NO$...
  12. pokitfoxx

    how to find other pandora owners/users/potentials

    HI, so i was just wondering if we could create a "meet a pandorian" forum where people could say just make a topic with a city/country/area and other pandorians or potential pandorians can get together and share knowledge or show off their precious' :D for example: I live in Vancouver BC...
  13. pokitfoxx

    Evildragon's surprise unveiled !!!!

    OMG this settles it! i can finally send my pandora in for a replacement lcd cable, ill let ED keep it for a few months while he figures out the board and case upgrade stuff, in the meantime when he has my precious, i can save up to afford the upgrades! annnnd hopefully by the time comes that i...
  14. pokitfoxx

    My first 'hey is that a...' Pandora moment

    most people i have tried to explaim "my precious" to didn't seem like they would be able to handle it but a few times it has been a real eye opener to fellow gamers and geeks alike, seeing a computer and emulating capabilities on a portable machine is always something you dont see...
  15. pokitfoxx

    Everything still going smooth? (2011-11-18)

    In all honesty i love my pandora but havnt used it much lately due to not having my cable that i payed for...i understand there are still people waiting but i also paid to not wait by upgrading to premium, now if getting the cable made is easy, i think it should at least get some priority! dont...
  16. pokitfoxx


    :( great thing to go on vacation and find out that my precious has contracted the de-abilitating disease....PTOD!@ :( im out by the lake and its dyingggggggg so lame, will have to figure out this whole RMA deal when i get home :( sucks that i found it out just last night recieved my...
  17. pokitfoxx

    Custom TV-out cable

    im in, i dont visit the boards as often anymore, so hopefully i dont miss this post about being able to order them! :D exciting, but i dont want to have to ask OPT for my refund on a cable because they couldnt provide 1, kinda choked about them keeping mouths shut on these since we all payed...
  18. pokitfoxx

    Wireless driver w/packet injection support- Bounty

    sorry im fairly noobish, what would be the end result differences? between getting this and what we have now?
  19. pokitfoxx

    Full Charge @ 87%?!

    why does every1 hate on dingoos?!?! i loved my first, it took a swim, i adored my second to the point of hugging it and cracking its screen! then my pandora came, i still want a new dingoo! but pandora rocks too! :D