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    London riots!

    Unfortunately these people do not have the slightest spark of intelligence to make any social statement by their actions - it's simply people trying to get a free toaster from Currys or free diarrhea medicine from Boots. We should all look back at the wise words of the late great politician...
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    This looks as though it could be useful if someone could adapt it for the Pandora ...
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    WINE supports ARM

    So does anyone know if this is for real ? Claims to be windows exe. UPDATE .... looks like it's precompiled to ARM .... I was confused as he has other Tegra2 demos that appear to be working from x86 exe
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    Pandora Press Website is 404 'ing

    The IP is 404 as well - it's not just the DNS by the looks of it.
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    Ubuntu Netboot Edition

    OMAP3 Beagleboards appear to only have 256mb ram as well, so I was vaguely hopefully that a build that specifically mentions the beagleboard could stand a chance of starting up. Obviously it would require a lot of hacking to get everything working, but interesting to see how far it gets. I look...
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    Ubuntu Netboot Edition

    I know there have been discussions about Ubuntu (in all its various flavours) on the Pandora in the other forums, but are pre-built OMAP3 images a new thing ? and more importantly will they work on the Pandora ?
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    New Movie Park - how it works...

    I had a glance at the layout of the example .gpm file and it doesn't look like any mpeg4 variant (like divx etc.) - but I could be wrong. Although it is in a proprietry format it must be based on something else out there, presumably free to avoid licensing nightmares and I'm assuming that it...
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    New PC link

    If you examine the example .gpm movie then it's not in any format I recognise, so I would say that there's still a good reason to own the old version. Don't be too disappointed if you've paid for the old version as it may still end up being better - propriatry formats usually end up being a pain.
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    Donkey Kong!!! Which emulator...

    Try Xcade, then you're using the original ROMS so it's a perfect version - no sound though, and the screen get's cropped slightly but you can't beat the original for authenticity !
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    Bomberman Clone

    There are 3 versions of bomberman for PCEngine and they are great. Bomberman is one of my favourite games, but only really comes into it's own once you get into the battle mode against human opponents. Didn't I read somewhere that a newer version of GPEngine will have multiplayer support ? ...
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    HELP MP3 Player

    Glad to see a fellow OS X user taking the plunge into the world of the GP32. I only got one a couple of weeks ago and haven't looked back since. Anyway, here's some answers - the duplicate files you are getting are files that OS X uses to store extra info about the file (file association and...