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  1. MiOdd

    K1Gba Trouble

    I've opened the device and see the metal dome you are talking about but I don't understand how I'm suppose to clean it.
  2. MiOdd

    K1Gba Trouble

    Thanks for the tip, will head there now.
  3. MiOdd

    K1Gba Trouble

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody here has purchased a K1GBA and what they thought about it. I got one this past weekend and while I like the system the dpad is pretty rough. You have to push really hard to get it to respond which is a big problem when playing difficult twitch based games. The...
  4. MiOdd

    Sram Downloads

    Thanks! Exactly what was looking for. :)
  5. MiOdd

    Wiz Emu Icons

    You may also want to check out Win2x,0,0,0,7,286 It's an alternate frontend that utilizes desktop shortcuts in an environment similar to Windows and you don't have to bother messing around creating ini files.
  6. MiOdd

    Sram Downloads

    Thats not true. SRAM refers to the type of backup used on the physical cartridge. This is not something that is decided by the emulator. SNES I know used SRAM other consoles may use a different type but thats not necessarily important. I also checked the Wiz emulator and it does create SRAM for...
  7. MiOdd

    Sram Downloads

    Hi all, I'm not entirely sure if I'm technically allowed to ask this or not, so if I'm not, please just let me know and I'll shut up. ;) I'm not looking for roms, I have plenty of those, what I am looking for is a place that has various SRAM save data for download for use with emulators. For...
  8. MiOdd

    Tubrografx Cd Help

    Hey Chris, I actually figured it all out. If you are a Mac user I can help you. I downloaded two free Mac applications to do everything I need. One that allowed me to extract the bin/cue into iso/wavs then another to convert the wavs to ogg then through editing the cue file in any basic text...
  9. MiOdd

    Tubrografx Cd Help

    Okay, so I've already obtained several TGCD games in iso/cue/ogg format and they work fantastic but I was unable to find everything I wanted in this format so I have a game "Last Alert" in standard bin/cue format but I cannot get it to work. The Temper readme sounds like it should work without...
  10. MiOdd

    Aba Games Please.

    In case you didn't notice, noiz2sa was ported already. I too would love to see any other ABA games ported though. I'm been clamoring for someone to port Tumiki Fighters the most and I requested it awhile back... nobody went for it though. =(
  11. MiOdd

    New Firmware (V. 1.2.0) Out Now!

    I'm told it should only take about 15 minutes... I left mine on for approximately an hour before resetting. I posted my experience with the firmware upgrade here: My post is below. Also note that...
  12. MiOdd

    Gp2Xwiz Site

    I don't know whats up but I got the warning trying to access and too. "Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer! The website at contains elements from the site, which appears to host malware – software that...
  13. MiOdd

    Nesemu Won't Work

    I had the roms in the right path but I couldn't get anything to run in this emulator. I haven't tried since I upgraded my firmware though but last time I tried it, after selecting a game I would just get blank screen. My roms were unzipped and working in the GPFCE so I know they're not bad...
  14. MiOdd

    Final Burn Alpha Preview Set

    Awesome, yeah, I'd appreciate it if you posted them. I think you should be able to post them on openhandhelds, they have other icon packs and things like that so I think its an appropriate place.
  15. MiOdd

    Snes Emu Question

    I just tested both for you. I'm running the latest Wiz firmware and most recent emulator. F-Zero works great. Overclocked at 800mhz I got full speed and sound 55-60 FPS with transparencies turned off. (Although, I don't think there are any reasons you need transparencies in this game...
  16. MiOdd

    Win2X : Alternative Frontend

    Chp, even though I'm assuming you have already left, you have my best wishes and thanks. Anyways, has anybody noticed issues with the latest Win2x running on the latest 1.2.1 firmware? I ran a clean install of Win2x and everything is working fine except the links that forward you back to the...
  17. MiOdd

    Official Firmware V1.2.1 Released

    Nope. It wipes everything on the NAND, but I read prior so that is normal. I hope you made a backup. I run everything from SD anyways so I didn't worry about that. Yep. Its running super fast on my Wiz too, although I kind of like its faux turbo mode. Everything else I've tried so far is...
  18. MiOdd

    Official Firmware V1.2.1 Released

    Okay, started firmware upgrade, I'm really nervous, this is the first time I upgraded the firmware. The screen image isn't being displayed properly but I can see the red bar moving and make out the words "Firmware Upgrading". The red bar got to the end of the screen and the I'm waiting for it to...
  19. MiOdd

    Official Firmware V1.2.1 Released

    Does this mean that you got Win2x to install? because this is a deal breaker for me... if I can't install Win2x I am not downloading the new firmware.
  20. MiOdd

    Payback For Wiz?

    Ha. Agreed. I think a lot of noobs (myself included) assumed the GP2X Wiz would be backwards compatible with the GP2X, I mean, c'mon, it has the letters GP2X in the title! Oh wells... I'm still hoping one day Pixel will allow someone to port Cave Story to Wiz... I was so psyched to play that on...