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  1. Lobo

    Release ZDoom

    Sorry for gravedigging this thread, but I recently discovered noticed that the latest EDGE build runs noticeably slower/jerkier than the initial build that first included EDGE. Maybe that LIBGL Batch mode is needed after all? What I do see is that in both builds I need to activate a swap file...
  2. Lobo

    Release ZDoom

    Just went and downloaded the first version where you added EDGE support,v7, and it works!! Time to dig out my old wads and try them on my Pandora!! thank you so much for this!!
  3. Lobo

    Release ZDoom

    ======================================================================================= PND : /media/Pandora64GB/pandora/menu/zdoom.pnd PND_FSTYPE : Squashfs APPDATADIR : /media/Pandora64GB/pandora/appdata/zdoom APPDD_FSTYPE : fuseblk PND_CPUSPEED : <unset> EXENAME...
  4. Lobo

    Release ZDoom

    Im really interested in trying out EDGE on my Pandora, but it wont run for me. ZDoom and GZDoom run, but EDGE just shows me the output tab. Does it work for everyone else?
  5. Lobo

    hey evildragon, can your pandora run dead trigger?

    But not on a Gen1 pandora apparently :(
  6. Lobo

    Games like Necromancer Rising for Pandora?

    From what I've read, it reminds me a lot of Strife(old Doom-engine based RPG) which might work through a zdoom port.
  7. Lobo

    Ps1 Doom. On the Caanoo and Pandora?

    Ps1 ambient sound/music is scary as f**k: still gets the hairs on the back of my neck all twitchy even now after all these years. Just for that it's worth playing over the PC ports.
  8. Lobo

    Best Android games/apps for Pandora

    I tried The Lost City, runs good and no issues.
  9. Lobo

    Release SuperZaxxon Final released!

    My red charging light doesn't come on on when I'm charging with this firmware. I went straight from last hotfix zaxxon to superzaxxon, without trying any of the betas btw.
  10. Lobo

    Billiards - Port Request

    You have a few snooker/pool/billiards games that run perfectly on the playstation emu, if you really need a quick "fix" right now! :)
  11. Lobo

    SD Card Failure

    Isnt sqlite what Firefox uses for data storage?
  12. Lobo

    error message

    Or spaces in the name when filling out the first boot wizard.
  13. Lobo

    Any tower defense games?

    Thanks lads, that L'hospital pital one went right under my radar. Looking forward to shiny new releases after the competition too!
  14. Lobo

    Any tower defense games?

    I usually follow Pandora software releases quite closely but haven't seen any tower defence games released yet. Are there any?
  15. Lobo

    parasite eve 2 and pcsx hang ?

    Sorry for the late reply, finally got around to trying this last night. No need to patch the iso/bin if you activate the root counter hack option.But... you're right, the option/hack is no longer available inside the current build of the emu: I know it was still there in R10 and it works...
  16. Lobo

    parasite eve 2 and pcsx hang ?

    Also note that this game is copy protected (at least the euro PAL version is) so you probably should try patching it. I know that in previous builds it worked, but only after enabling the hack and/or patching, but can't remember which.
  17. Lobo

    Fix for loose Pandora hinges

    Cheers! Gonna print one tomorrow (3D printer is busy at the moment).
  18. Lobo

    Euro charger works in U.S?

    Yep, its the same. Thanks man!
  19. Lobo

    Euro charger works in U.S?

    I'll be going on a trip to the US soon and was wondering if my european charger will work in the US power grid. I have a travel adapter to solve the physical connector issue, but I'm not sure about the voltage/Amps stuff. My laptop charger does it automatically IIRC.
  20. Lobo

    Release Corsix-Th (Open Theme Hospital Engine)

    Great work by the way on porting this! Now for the bugs... ;) Graphically, it is flickering badly. Also the nubs dont seem to do anything in this version. Think I'll roll back to previous version for the moment. I'm on HF7B1 for what its worth.