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    The Caanoo And It's Community.

    Thanks for the replies. Sad to say I'll keep away from the caanoo, then. What are the current alternatives? (Links?)
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    Any sense in buying a caanoo?

    I've looked at the caanoo, and it looks like a decent entry-level open source console. However, the community seems a bit dead, and even the website printed on the back of the units is long gone. I've read that it's the last console GPH is doing, and that makes me both sad and worried about...
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    My opinion on the pandora 2, and what it should be.

    I agree, that was kind of what I was going for. However, thunderbolt is a port licensed by apple if I'm not mistaken, and to use them on a commercial device, you have to pay a considerable amount, like it was the case with firewire.
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    The Caanoo And It's Community.

    I've been aware of these line of handhelds for years, but I never actually got one. I remember being very excited about the Wiz. Now, I've been lurking on the openpandora forums for a long time now, and I think it's a brilliant console, albeit a bit of a steep price. But I understand why things...
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    My opinion on the pandora 2, and what it should be.

    That was a brain fart, thanks for pointing that out. I meant resistive.
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    My opinion on the pandora 2, and what it should be.

    Hey there, long time no see! i've been reading the forums a bit, but I haven't been active for months. (In fact, I just read an inbox from october 2011) I see we've moved on to talking about the pandora 2. It's only logical since the original hardware is already a bit aged, and they've even...
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    Playing a DVD iso image

    Or just take DivX rips from your dvds. They're smaller anyway.
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    Gameboy Camera and Printer

    I want one, as I never got them :P
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    skype on pandora

    Take a look at Ekiga. Skype is a no-go though.
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    Encoding video for the Pandora on the Pandora

    what about avidemux? I don't know if it's ported though.
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    Has anyone hacked any more RAM unto it yet?

    ^ exactly what I was going to say. Besides you shouldn't directly compare the pandora's specs to a normal computer.
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    Rainy Day - Game Project

    can't wait to see some more!
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    Google +

    I'm in, exploring now!
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    Google +

    PM'd you.
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    Google +

    Oh, can I still be invited? :D
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    Now, 07/2011, where are we?

    Someone told me that particular card didn't work... There's a wiki page with all the tested hardware, but I can't seem to find it.. Someone will link this below me probably.
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    Dual boot OS on Pandora

    as long as there's a ARM native version of the build, I don't see why not. Then again, I don't see why you would want to run a distro that's not adapted for the pandora. As for the dingoo OS, maybe? but I don't see why that would be remotely useful, and I doubt anyone would want to spend a...
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    Running other OS's in a VM on the Pandora

    It does run, even win 95 does. The win XP installation does, but I don't recall it was fast enough to actually finish the install.
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    That's what she said :D That said, I use a capture card to play my super nintendo (via multi out cable borrowed from my n64) via a capture card on my computer, can't complain about the image, really.