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    Caanoo / WIZ Use Haptic(Vibration) On Caanoo

    Copiler can not find<sys/ioctl.h>   help?
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    Descent 1/2 Source Code Here!

    The links are down. Can someone post the code here?
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    Caanoo - A Fail Console?

    I'm happy with my caanoo. I bought it for programming and ended up that I play more his exclusive games them the 1000+ roms in my dingoo (that, BTW, emulate them with perfection).
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    Caanoo / WIZ Precompiled Libs For Caanoo

    Thank you!!! Those are all the libs that exist for caanoo? Can you post a link for the others?
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    Caanoo / WIZ Use Haptic(Vibration) On Caanoo

    Does anyone know where can i get this in English?
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    Caanoo / WIZ Use Haptic(Vibration) On Caanoo

    Wonderful Rikku!!! Could you give an example of the touch screen? If it is not asking too much.
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    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo Sdk, Debugging

    Can you guys isolate the code that is making caanoo crash? I mean, how simple a program should be to don't crash? Maybe is it some specific function, like g-sensor, touch screen or the vibration that is causing this problem.
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    Anyone Willing To Help?

    What POS means?
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    Caanoo Starter Kit

    Don't forget us! I really want this.
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    Bricked Caanoo Trying To Upgrade

    Can you post they'r e-mail here? Also: What are the precaution i have to take to my caanoo don't brick during the upgrade? How long should it take to upgrade?
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    Scummvm 1.2.1 For Caanoo

    Full Throttle, here I go!
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    The Mana World

    Just for the record, I'm very interested in this game. Can't wait for the update with the fixes.
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    Newbie Questions

    About 7th and 8th questions: If the hardware changes, a port is required. This would only be a false true if GPH had a better support for developers using a standard OS. (not the case, as you see for the leek of Linux OSs)
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    In need of a caanoo

    In need of a caanoo
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    In need of a caanoo

    In need of a caanoo
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    Really? I can't see the difference. :blink:
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    GUYS! Calm down. There is no point discussing a benchmark without the FPS. What matters at this point is that both emulations don't have any perceptive difference in the gameplay.
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    The Mana World

    The problem that the game crashes at start? Well... thats a big problem. Do you have any clue what is causing it?
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    A Bunch Of Little Programs

    That's a very good idea, because although GPH has released a SDK manual many things have a catch that only experienced users could show. Is anyone able to do this? Maybe this thread should be moved for the developers's corner.
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    A Bunch Of Little Programs

    Hi guys, So... I had this idea to help new programmers (especially me) to get used with caanoo and it's functions. What is: A single program that have multiple functions offered by caanoo. OR Multiple little programs, each one with an specific function. What is the point: The idea is just to...