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    The important stuff- Ice Hockey!

    Hiya! When the CHL matches come around will you be doing the video highlights for ERC Ingolstadt? I would love to see your work on youtube! The draw against Vaxjo Lakers couldn't have been any harder but as a full on Braehead Clan supporter who can't afford to travel to europe I wish you all...
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    Using facer/watchmaker on an android phone (no watch)?

    Does anyone know of a way to use these wear apps on a standalone android phone? I have seen some faces on facerepo and I would like to use them on my phone, just like a usual clock. But I can't find any way to...
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    Got displays, looking for keymats

    I believe you! I was sincerely thanking you for confirming that all pandoras open to the same angle. To explain: There was some confusion in my mind over comments about lids and angles. I hadn't heard about any changes being made so I asked the question. Which you kindly answered. Thank you...
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    Got displays, looking for keymats

    Thank you for the confirmation.
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    Got displays, looking for keymats

    Apologies for taking this conversation in a direction other than large fanged felines but when I upgraded to a 1gig pandora I kept the old black case. I had no problem with how much the pandora opened. Still don't. I find it quite comfortable. Do the newer platinum colour cases open to a...
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    Pandora+Pyra applications: /usr/share/pandyra

    Thank you Silent-Hunter! I missed _wb_'s  idea first time round. The width and breadth of Pandora software is unmatched by any device I know of. I can only assume that most people just now are working on Pandora specific titles. Porting this valuable resource to the Pyra as easily as possible...
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    Which Pyra model do you plan to get? 3G or Wi-Fi only? (Poll)

    I would love to add the pyra to my mobile console world! I hate virtual keyboards so my writing is crippled on anything touch screen. I have an android phone but to be honest it's a crude version of what I want from a device. If I could have the power of a laptop in an easily carried device...
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    Got displays, looking for keymats

    Me too. I assume that as we get closer to emulating more up to date systems we will need to access L2, L3, R2 and R3 more often. Where these buttons are on the keyboard or on the device is less important to me than knowing where they are and being able to press them easily, if that makes any sense.
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    Release Smokin' Guns

    WOW! Amazing work yet again ptitSeb! At the risk of repeating myself :D ... THANK YOU!
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    Release World of Padman

    Great news, thank you for the update!
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    Release "balls" action game

    "A very challenging game"... You're not kidding! But you can't get annoyed with that music playing  :D
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    Release Gunroar

    What a great game! I can only play it dual nub though- the other control schemes fry my brain.  :) I love the forts on the islands- really interesting, and the way your score depends on your speed.
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    Release IOQuake 3

    Thanks so much! It's really appreciated!
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    Release IOQuake 3

    I don't think there's been any change with Q3Rally.  I went on the moddb page for the first time in ages to check and the developer seems to be having a really bad time of it, poor guy. The last Q3rally update was the 1.33 patch from 2010.
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    Release World of Padman

    Just posting to recommend this game- it's fantastic! I love the massive levels and the depth of play. I find it starts to struggle with too many bots but if you play with just a few it runs really well. Honestly, if the art style has put you off or you are wondering what it adds to the FPS...
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    Release IOQuake 3

    Sorry for the blatant port begging, but would it be possible for you to package these as pnd? I tried substituting the .pak files in the quake appdate folder and I must have gone a bit wrong  :rolleyes:
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    Release PPSSPP, Emulator for PSP

    List of settings that work best for me: Latest SGX driver (crashes at gameplay start with I use for quake based games) Read framebuffers to memory (GPU) (adds 5% speed over buffered rendering) Frameskipping=4 (adds 20% speed over auto) Force max 60fps off (adds 2% speed over on)...
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    Release WINE

    Good grief lunixbochs, what kind of witchcraft is this? In the olden days you would have had people wanting to burn you at the stake. I mean that as a compliment  :)
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    Release WINE

    It sounds like peggle dual strike on the ds is what you are looking for. It has content from peggle and peggle nights and even extra bonus stages. And drastic plays it perfectly.
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    Release WINE

    Amazing work! WINE is something I have been interested in but have never been able to get my head around. But if I could request a couple of short videos: For me: One where the robot catches you. For the smart arses out there: One where you hold down f and escape the robot. There's always...