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    what about this new cooling solution..

    What about this heat pipe?
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    Confirm Order?

    I used a voucher to pay for part of my Pyra preorder, and received a new voucher. So that does seem to work.
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    Pyra Prototype Videos - Askarus Edition

    The boost converter has an intrinsic inductance and capacitance, which acts as a low-pass filter if you increase the frequency enough. Alternatively, you can add an additional inductor and capacitor, and use a lower frequency. It ends up being roughly the same effect. If using a high...
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    Pyra Prototype Videos - Askarus Edition

    The boost converter contains an inductor and it doesn't switch off immediately. So increasing the PWM frequency will end up driving the LED at a lower current for part of the cycle, and thus you get the yellowing effect. If you were to add inductance without capcitance, the inductive kick...
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    Pyra Prototype Videos - Askarus Edition

    You're not wrong. Essentially, the coil and capacitor must store enough energy to keep the LED lit during the off cycle. How large these need to be depends on how much power the LED uses, but I'd guess something around 1mH and 100 uF. That could take a few square centimeters of board space...
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    Pyra Prototype Videos - Askarus Edition

    Well, you can increase the frequency to make the flicker less visible, or put an LC filter on it. Adding a filter increases the component count, as you have to fit a capacitor and inductor on the PCB.
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    Keep cool!

    Does the aluminum plate affect the wifi signal?
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    GPD Pocket

    In a case like this, who is liable if they don't deliver?
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    Looks like ED cancelled some unpaid orders.
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    Prototype mainboards coming soon

    Wow. I ordered some stuff yesterday, but I wasn't expecting to receive it before Christmas. I figured the Christmas rush would have been finished by now.
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    You know how the Chinese do that. Missing safety fuses, missing RF shielding, cheap capacitors that leak, cheap plastic that breaks, power supplies that overheat, and all sorts of knockoff parts that don't meet spec. Does anybody want to buy that, even if it is only 200 USD?
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    Comprehensive Status update!

    Unlike the Note7, the Pyra battery isn't glued down. If the battery is bad, you can replace it with a new one (hopefully before it explodes).
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    Comprehensive Status update!

    Unless ED ordered more parts recently, there were only 1000 LCDs.
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    Comprehensive Status update!

    As stated on the order page, you can buy gift cards if you want to pay in advance. However, we don't yet know the exact cost of shipping, so we don't know exactly what the total price will be. The first batch of 1000 is completely funded, and nearly sold out. ED bought parts for 1000 pyras...
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    Two tales to tell

    No, no... Discord is the evil dragon. xD
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    Sales Vouchers and preorders

    Yes, but if people do that, then you won't have the money to pay Global Components to produce the Pyra.
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    Journal of Purchasing Vouchers >:\

    Ah, I was wondering about that. When I pre-ordered a Pyra, I got the following email: Thanks ! Thanks for your purchase of the gift voucher, (name) ! We are pleased to offer you a gift voucher worth 400 € that you can use on your next order by using the following code : (removed).
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    Finalizing everything!

    It's a long story, but the short summary is: Blockstream got $76 million USD from venture capitalists with a vague business model of trying to monopolize the bitcoin space. They hired software developers, bitcoin miners, forum moderators, and anyone influential in bitcoin. At first, people...
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    Finalizing everything!

    Oh, the irony... Luke Jr comes here and advocates for bitcoin, while simultaneously working for Blockstream and doing everything possible to make bitcoin unusable.
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    It's yummy. But you can't eat it!

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