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  1. Alex.

    Getting Started With Development

    Searching the archive for "sdk" returns several things,,0,0,0,14,383 General tips: keep the screen 320x240x16bits SDL_SWSURFACE, and read buttons as joystick 0. If you didn't already, look over Lazy Foo's SDL tutorials.
  2. Alex.

    GP32X Needs You!

    I also think that compressing the GP2X/GP32 forums was a bad idea. Maybe compressing their subsections but leaving things like News and General Talk on the front page would have been a better alternative.
  3. Alex.

    Beta Osmo

    I'm using Osmo to keep on top of uni work this year and it's such a great application, just wow. I imagine it would be brilliant to have it on a portable.
  4. Alex.

    Does The Wiz Need A Wiki?

    It would be sad to see it go, but it's your expense so your decision. The Wiz didn't seem to attract the same following the GP2X did, so of course this was reflected in all forms of user contribution. I wish GPH would have kept making the original GP2X for another year or two, it ended just as...
  5. Alex.

    Firmware 1.2.6

    The upgrade doesn't work for me either, but thankfully my Wiz didn't get bricked. I recently reformatted my SD fat32 with GParted, so maybe it doesn't like it anymore for some reason. All past upgrades worked fine. Anyway, this made me realize that this update is not worth the risk, it brings...
  6. Alex.


    Ask them to fix it on Wiz too if they can.
  7. Alex.


    Trap75 is a game like Jezzball, where you need to cover 75% of each level's space without getting your lines hit by the moving balls. Thanks to joyrider, ruckage, sbock, paul3100, and qbertaddict for testing the beta and making sure that it runs on a Caanoo. Speaking of which, let me know if...
  8. Alex.

    Caanoo / WIZ Where Do I Start To Develop For The Caanoo?

    It's the same as on Wiz, here are some nice topics about it:
  9. Alex.

    South Korea And Indie Games

    I found out about this yesterday, what a prime example of legally-backed extortion. Are they going to require mandatory ratings for all other forms of media as well? Like the millions of books, articles, movies, and songs that can be accessed by the Korean public? Are they going to block all...
  10. Alex.

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo Ini Files

    Alright, thanks for all the info. It looks like GPH put a lot more thought into Caanoo than in Wiz, they seem to care more about these details. Almost as if Wiz was a beta Caanoo. :lol:
  11. Alex.

    Trap75 For Caanoo Beta Test

    Thanks for testing, sbock and paul3100! I'll make Home the start/pause button and Help1 the quit button for the release version, thanks for the suggestion. Cheers.
  12. Alex.

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo Ini Files

    Hey, I read on the termula archive page that Caanoo has slightly different INI files than Wiz. [info] name="Terminal" path="/terminal/termula2x.gpu" icon="/terminal/termula2x.png" title="(title image)" group="APPS" What values can 'groups' have, I assume APPS and GAMES? And what dimensions...
  13. Alex.

    Trap75 For Caanoo Beta Test

    Thanks, ruckage :) I uploaded Trap75CaanooTest2, this is what's new: - I redid the analog stick input, hopefully it still works - how do diagonals feel by the way? - I use Notaz's accurate timer as in the Wiz version, this should result in a smooth 60fps Thank you again for testing!
  14. Alex.

    Cannoo Is Taking The World By Storm!

    Maybe aesir911 could give me a hand by testing a beta of one of my games I ported without having a Caanoo at all, that would be pretty helpful. So far it seems to work well for one person, and not so well for another.
  15. Alex.

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo Sdk And Some Documentation

    Hey, Skeezix The button codes from Pickle's examples (second snippet) I hear work fine. Did you get OGGs to play with the built-in libs?
  16. Alex.

    Trap75 For Caanoo Beta Test

    I uploaded a new version that should not crash after exiting (same link). I forgot to add "Caanoo" to the list of platforms that call gp2xmenu at the end. Ruckage: does the analog stick work too?
  17. Alex.

    Trap75 For Caanoo Beta Test

    Thank you joyrider! :) I'm really glad it doesn't crash, this means the SDK setup is all good. Music and sound I saw another thread about OGG playback problems, I hope GPH will fix it in a firmware update because it works fine on Wiz. Can you adjust sfx volume with the slider? Or must each...
  18. Alex.

    Trap75 For Caanoo Beta Test

    Hi, Trap75 is a game like Jezzball, where you need to cover 75% of each level's space without getting your lines hit by the moving balls. I don't have a Caanoo so there's no way to check if my builds work or not. Please help me out here by giving it a try yourself and telling me what happens...
  19. Alex.

    Wip Screenshots

    Thanks! Yeah, open ended zombie game. It's pure SDL, the main target is the original GP2X.
  20. Alex.

    Wip Screenshots

    My art pipeline is GIMP in its own workspace :P Incidentally, I have become quite skilled at freeware vapourware.