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  1. chad78

    Just Curious...

    Ok - thanks. Question was answered. Feel free to lock it up, boys.
  2. chad78

    Just Curious...

    Is it out yet?
  3. chad78

    Release It's Here!

    Hello. 8^) Here is my face. It's the following year, almost a full month after you said that, and still no Pandora. You're (latest?) promised ship date of Dec 25, 2009 has come and gone, and the thing is still vapor, with people "pinning their hopes" on February. You all do realize that this...
  4. chad78

    Will The Pandora Be Finished And Ship By May Of 2010

    lol I love this. Craig has said, a couple of times on this thread, that real customers will be getting their units shipped out before Christmas... But nobody believes him. I wonder why? ROFLUIPMP!
  5. chad78

    Run And Lock As Usaul.

    As everyone has pointed out, Craig doesn't own the forums. Also as has been stated, free speech does apply in a privately owned website - forums or not. That's why I've pretty much stayed off of them for almost a year. The mods here are very pro-Pandora. Religious zealously so in fact. They do...
  6. chad78

    Still Not Here, And Still Not The Most Powerful Handheld

    Now, not only does the iPhone 3Gs beat the Pandora vaporware specs, but there's another open source handheld with more power. It's called the ODROID, and it runs Android, and... one more thing, it's real - as in shipping to those who preordered... Unlike the Pandora...
  7. chad78

    The "I got a Dingoo!" thread

    I gots me a Dingoo - the white one. Bought it off ebay for $63 + shipping (total cost $77.99). Works great. Charged and Romed up out of the box. The AV Out is awesome. I already have a GBA / GBA SP / GB Micro / DS Lite - all with flash cards/carts - and a custom firmwared PSP Slim - but...
  8. chad78

    "by far the most powerful handheld in the world?"

    Take down the outdated claim from the official website, and I will. The iPhone 3Gs has the ARM Cortex A8 - 600 Mhz, just like the Pandora.
  9. chad78

    "by far the most powerful handheld in the world?"

    Yes. For example, I have a contract with at&t. If I straight out bought an iPhone, with no contract, I'd just have to put my current SIM card into the iPhone, and it would work. You are correct in saying that an uncontracted iPhone costs about twice as much as a Pandora. The 3D Graphics GPU...
  10. chad78

    "by far the most powerful handheld in the world?"

    Not similar - identical, as in the exact same SoC, same CPU, same Graphics, same RAM - many, many times more storage. Um, no. Apple *never* loses money on hardware. The $199 price (see, the dollar sign goes in front) is "Subsidized" by at&t - not Apple. Subsidized means that at&t pays Apple...
  11. chad78

    "by far the most powerful handheld in the world?"

    $199 is twice as much as $330? Is that "New Math"?
  12. chad78

    "by far the most powerful handheld in the world?"

    You can't use potential software as a way of measuring "Raw CPU power". And, the iPhone's CPU is not speculative. It was posted on an official service provider's website. Regardless - the Palm Pre's CPU is not speculative. Same CPU as the 3Gs & the Pandora. Besides, you have no idea what...
  13. chad78

    "by far the most powerful handheld in the world?"

    From The iPhone 3Gs has the same CPU. It has the same amount of RAM. It has the same PowerVR SGX GPU. It has far more on board storage. So, how can the Pandora be "by far the most powerful handheld"...
  14. chad78

    April is here - so whats realistic :)

    Fact Correction - It's not 8 months. It's more like 2.5 years. It was supposed to come out in February, 2007. And that's just the first release date I was privy to. There might have been others before that.
  15. chad78

    Geez another handheld

    GPS? How do you do that? I have a CFW powered PSP-2000 (Slim & Light). And I remember seeing a camera somewhere, but that was ages ago.
  16. chad78

    Geez another handheld

    The Wiz costs twice as much as this thing - or the Dingoo. And this thing has a camera, and an FM Radio.
  17. chad78

    Selling 1st 3000 Pandora for a profit on Ebay

    I don't have any problem with people who buy just to sell. The fact is, there's a market for that. And there are people who will see something like the Pandora on ebay that wouldn't see it anywhere else. And the vast majority of people who don't follow/troll the forums here or at GP32X, don't...
  18. chad78

    Silly Request

    Waiting is not a problem - but to me the domain name *is* Thanks for the replies!
  19. chad78

    Silly Request

    Hey guys. Love the slick new digs! Lovin' it - lovin' you - lovin' the whole crazy open handheld scene! Just a quick thought, though, to maybe "open things up a lil' bit...." Since this is and not the Pandora Forums - can we loose the Pandora logo for every forum category...
  20. chad78

    Dingoo Vs Gp2x (only For The Next 3 Months)

    Thanks much, Craig and Chip. Sorry for all the trouble I caused back in the day. Rough time for me and this place was a release valve for my garbage. No excuse, just an explanation. I sincerely apologize to you both, and to everyone else on here. Best of luck with the Pandora and the...