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Flame On!


Answer = No. Soon - Maybe.
WolfSpider said:
822 posts and he doesn't know? :blink:

He mostly just comes and goes when he feels like causing trouble. At first glance this thread looks like a massive troll, but then it was looking more like he really didn't feel like taking the two minutes to find out on his own.
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me thinks it's just a poor attemt to start a flamewar using bad trolls from a user that's bored and want to laugth a bit watching the forum...
He used to be a decent regular member until the pandora wasnt delivered on time. And then he threw his toys out of the pram and had a massive dummy spit. Now he comes back regularly to troll the rest of us that are willing to wait until its done and the OP team for breaking his heart.

The ballad of chad78.
Mjlink said:
what's this? Care to educate me? ;)

@topic: I think I remerb chad78. He was active here month ago.

However, asking thi squestion is stupid, he just could have used google or the official pandora page and I bet he would read about it on engadget... well
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