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  1. ManlyStump

    Release C/C++ Development Tools

    I don't think he hangs around here anymore. His user profile says last active back in September :(
  2. ManlyStump

    mari0: Mario Brothers with Portal Gun [source code available]

    I was tempted to rewrite all the code to C++/SDL, but that seems like quite a big task for an amateur programmer such as myself. If anyone else fancies porting it I would gladly let them take the responsibility! ;)
  3. ManlyStump

    My first 'hey is that a...' Pandora moment

    Sorry, that made me chuckle :P
  4. ManlyStump

    Tim shafer kickstart project, adventure games are dead.

    Well, if their primary concern at the time is getting a windows version out, and their team is comprised of DirectX experts, why waste time teaching them OpenGL from the get-go?
  5. ManlyStump

    Tim shafer kickstart project, adventure games are dead.

    They're using Steam for the closed beta, they will make the full version DRM free. And Tim's just announced it will be for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.
  6. ManlyStump

    Game reviews in 5 words "I hate my day job"
  7. ManlyStump

    "Chipmunking" songs!

    Can you do the reverse to make the Bee Gees sound more human?
  8. ManlyStump

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    Haha no, coming along nicely, but still a long way to go! Curiosity just got the better of me :P By the way, do we get to write a little advertising blurb to go with it? My submission has an accompanying website, and if I just just upload a pnd to the ftp server that won't get seen!
  9. ManlyStump

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    Yeah, I know it's a while away yet, but I would like to know how we're meant to submit our entries!
  10. ManlyStump

    Can I really see what is ... Inside The Box?

    No they don't, the close tag for the header div (line 17) is missing the slash.
  11. ManlyStump

    [Poll] Inside The Box Issue 2

    Er, is there a link to Issue 1? I'd like to see that before I respond vis a vis issue 2!
  12. ManlyStump

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    Honestly I would use the cdevtools, they're just so hassle free!
  13. ManlyStump

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    This is pretty much my position. I've never contributed anything to a competition (or anything for the pandora before) but I'm determined to have something ready for this one. Of course there are many far greater devs in the community, I'm going in with the assumption that I won't win anything...
  14. ManlyStump

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    I don't agree with that. I think generally people will vote for whichever submission they consider to be the greater addition to the Pandora's arsenal, not to which one they think the submitter put the most work into.
  15. ManlyStump

    Wikipedia shutting down for 1 day?

    Haha fair enough. I used the dev tools in IE and Chrome to remove the "display:none" from the content div and add it to the sopa div!
  16. ManlyStump

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    Well yes, but I'm very inexperienced with programming, and I have very little free time, so in 48 hours I wouldn't even be able to make Pong!
  17. ManlyStump

    Pandora Rebirth Competition (2012-01-09)

    I'd rather we didn't extend the deadline now; I've already started a low-ambition project! If it had been by end of march to begin with I would have thought of something a bit more challenging to do!
  18. ManlyStump

    Games you finished for the first time on the Pandora?

    Just finished VVVVVV :D
  19. ManlyStump

    SD card incompatibility between PC/Mac?

    Sorry, couldn't resist