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    GP2X How To Compile Vice2x

    I did some work on this last year to fix the pet keyboard. Try going down into the subdirectory with the GP2x sources in and Make Xvic or Xpet etc., I think that is how I did it.
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    Question About The Pc Engine/turbografx 16 Emulator

    Did he buy it from GBAX or that defunct site? Gamepark or the distributor could send him a new one as he building support for the system sales.
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    My Gp2x Keeps Booting Into Mame, Every Time I Turn It On? :(

    auto boot into mame.....I see no problem :P
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    Gp2x As A Pda ?

    Zodiac or gizmondo? Mobile phone PDA on contract for free excluding line rental. e.g. XDA Orbit with copilot sat nav on o2 for £40 in UK
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    The General State Of Gp2x Emulation

    also add in Very good and Very playable PC Engine CD, Vic20, Homebrew.
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    A New Version Of Beebem!

    I played Frak! last night and I was transported straight back to illicit gaming in the computer room at school (25 years ago) when Mr todd wasn't looking - excellent! I Love the keyboard and mapping features, can I have a play with the keyboard source for use in Vice? I might have another...
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    Anyone Got One Of These?

    It runs Linux! details below. CPU Chip could be 400Mhz MP4, Game Player, Fujitsu CPU, Samsung 4inch TFT 16:9 Formats supported: Mpeg1, Mpeg4, Divx (3.11, 4.x, 5.x), Xvid, WMV (7, 8), AVI, ASF, WMV etc. Subscript simultaneous Display. With high performance components from well known...
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    Anyone Got One Of These?

    I agree. There is no brand as such, but it actually looked and felt quite nice, metallic not plasticky. I might consider one if I can find out it can run more than nes.
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    Anyone Got One Of These?

    Chinese MP4 player, camera, Nes? Game Console with TV out leads etc for £60 Anyone got one? Any good? Think it plays nes games (seems a lot of Chinese / Korean phones are building game playing in now) comes with camera built in and TV out and cables for half of GP2x price.
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    Ref Guyfawkes rant on the homepage Please consider donating if you enjoy the game, Fair enough I have spent many hours working on this game and I think the end result is worth it. Not everyone will share your enthusiasm for your Noel Edmunds based game. As far as i can tell it has the...
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    Mame Gp2x 2.9

    er 2nd post actually :P
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    Amiga Big Bash And Retro 2006

    If age >= 29 then Begin ability =="can't hack it anymore" status =="sad old git" End LOL
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    Samples Not Working

    Doh! I was being dense - unzipped with path into Samples thus creating samples\samples\*.zip etc Must have unzipped Gorf file with drag and drop 1st!! Ignore me - samples work great now! Donation on way.
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    Samples Not Working

    On Gorf I can hear the voices fine. I downloaded the samples zip file and unzipped it to samples directory leaving individual samples zipped. There is no sound at all on Berzerk or Asteroids or Astro Blaster although I see sample loading messages. I'm going to try a full reinstall, could be a...
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    Samples Not Working

    Gorf and Battlezone samples work ok but others like Asteroids, Berzerk, Astro Blaster won't play even though they load - anyone got any ideas? I am using them zipped with Mame 2.6
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    Mamegp2x V2.6 Released

    I still have no sound on Berzerk, Asteroids, Astro Blaster yet Gorf and Battle Zone work fine. Berzerk locks up on exit by L+ R + Select Anyone got a solution? Firmware is V2.0 S/N 00001272
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    New To Arcade Games And Emulation

    Horizontal games has the scrolling playfield move horizontally. Vertical games have the movement going vertically. Often arcade games that scroll vertically have the monitor turned 90 degrees so they are taller than they are wide, that's why you might like to turn the gp2x to play them. Not...
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    Mame Gp2x 2.5 Is Out!

    Franxis - is the sample support only partially implemented? I get samples played in Galaxians and Gorf, many thanks to you and slaneesh, donation to follow. However, I get no sound in Asteroids, Astro Blaster, Space Invaders? Astro Blaster samples work on GP32 Mame 2.2. Please can someone...
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    Feel Like I'm Missing Something

    Try the Vic20 and C64 Emulators
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    Retro Gaming Event

    Work travel schedule permitting I will try to be there. As for Sweden - get a Ryanair flight from Vasteras to Luton for peanuts and have a short break in the UK!