Roswyn & The Dragons 2.0-fix1

Defeat dragons, save the world

  1. M-HT
    Roswyn and The Dragons is an exciting Action-RPG game (with direct combat). As Roswyn, your goal (you don't know exactly why, but it's not important :) ) will be to defeat the 9 dragons to save the world (once again...).

    In your quest, you'll travel through 500 levels(screens) including plains, marshes, dungeons, caves, mountains and much more. You'll get more and more powerful by finding new heart-pieces, or by upgrading your sword to crush pots and rocks or even throw fireballs !!

    The dungeons are also tricky because the dragons had nothing more to do than to lock themselves behind multiple doors and to hide the keys and the switches everywhere !!! (They must have been really bored... :) ).

    So be ready for this adventure of 8+ hours, with a possibility of saving anytime by speaking to kind villagers... Have fun !

    The game was created by Jeremie F. BELLANGER and released with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. (See here)

    Stick - move
    A - 1 / action
    Y - 2 / action
    B - 3 / action
    X - enter / action
    Start - pause
    Select - quit
    Vol+/Vol- - change volume

    The source code is inside the zip and on GitHub.