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    It's the speed that counts.

    I'm very excited to see pictures of this red color case you describe :)
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    Adequate for note taking?

    To those that do have surfaces, what do you not like about them? I am currently using a thinkpad with linux and I certainly love it, but typing out math formulas is a pain and I would certainly prefer being able to just write it on a document using a stylus. Do you have any comparisons between...
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    Adequate for note taking?

    Hey everyone: I'm thinking I'll get a new laptop sometime within the next 6 months. I'm partly considering something like the Microsoft surface, as I really like the tablet-pen functionality. It's not that I plan on taking all of my notes on the device, but I like taking notes on the pdf's of...
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    An update of the waiting game

    Those questions you posted as examples of what you have to think about sounded very complicated, I can see why this takes so much time. Good luck and remember to get rest when you can! You deserve it
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    Your requests for Pyra videos

    I will be honest, I am a novice with Linux and recently started running Manjaro and am in love with it precisely because of its care for detail and how it seems to come with everything I need or want to try. Not saying that the preinstalled software for Pyra needs to be as large, however I do...
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    Your requests for Pyra videos

    Could you try running Twitch? Like, the streaming website. I watch a lot of streams and am curious how well the pyra can watch live streams on twitch, and what stream quality works reliably. Thanks!
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    Stop the sirring noise!

    I appreciate you working so hard to keep the project as ethical as possible ED. This is something that's so rarely seen in the electronics industry, even from small businesses. It would be fine with me personally if we had to use the Tantalum components, if it was the only way to solve the noise...
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    The following is based on a true story.

    Sorry for all the trouble ED, but thank you for staying on top of it! As always, you are the best. I hope things in the future go smoothly so that you don't have to deal with so much stress!
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    Prototype mainboards coming soon

    I can't believe you work a busy day job while still working on this... that's crazy! You deserve far more recognition and a much greater financial reward. Thank you for all the world!
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    Last known issue fixed

    This is wonderful! So, are there any negatives to lowering the minimum down to 3.7V? Why isn't it always set that way? Thanks for all the work!
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    Finally, a touchscreen!

    I'm loving the weekly updates, thank you!!
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    Pyra as a Music Player

    Do we know if the audio quality in the pyra will be any better than what he got on the pandora?
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    Holidays are over!

    At 11:40, I almost cried... that was awesome.
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    News from all fronts

    Thanks for the news, this is amazing!
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    An almost naked Pyra

    The flat keyboard certainly looks awesome! I hope that having to curve the keys a bit doesn't change it too much, though I understand why its necessary. Thanks for all the hard work!