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    SanDisk announces 512GB SDXC card (not micro)

    by the time 2tb sdhx come out, there will be a 3d pandora like all the new TVs Wonder who said that? Are you my mommy?
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    Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles

    Make it a good pose, the avatar might stay with you for a while :) I've been using mine since W&W was first released on GP2x, ahh, good times. @ Hao Thanks for a great game! My Gp2X died some time ago, and I wont be getting a Pandora anytime soon, so a PC port is great news for me :)
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    The 1ghz overclock

    Because explosions are cool too!
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    Anybody interested in porting....

    Most of the games you mentioned are not possible, as they are written in D, for which no compiler exists for ARM. Noiz2sa might see a port, but the rest, eh even Geartoy gear, well that uses parts of the MS XNA framework.
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    Is there commercial development going on?

    Wind and Water Puzzle Battles native with a Pandora character anyone?
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    Pandora news on TheRegister

    You are correct, but emulation isn't the only thing OPT could be targeted for. But thankfully the team thought about the patent issues well before Pandora design was even finalised. Custom nubs, keymat, battery, etc, Widely used screen, heck even the A/V jack is custom. The wording on the OP...
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    Best PS1 games thread

    Only 1 mention of Bushido Blade? Was different enough to be fun, wounding enemies, slicing tree's down, stabbing stuff with swords. It's all good :)
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    Best Atari ST games

    I used to love Hard drivng too, but only in the arcade cabinet, all computer ports sucked. (8 bit ports too!) was prolly my best Atari ST game, played most the others on Amiga :P [edit] Dunno who made that vid, but he cannot drive, heh.
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    GP32X Needs You!

    Where I come from they call them forum mods :P
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    Caanoo Forum Wont Stay Minimized!

    Duh, I keep ending up reading this forum thinking it is the Pandora section. Why? Because since the forums got moved around, the damned Caanoo section refuses to stay minimized. I don't know if it's just me, but I tend to minimize the forums that I have no interest in, placing the ones that I...
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    GP32X Needs You!

    Back in the good ol gp2x days, I may have put myself forward, but in these recent times, dang. But out of all the people that have nominated themselves so far, I'd have to agree that atomicthumbs would get my vote :)
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    Pandora Dev vs Development section

    Just use a wildcard, ie tool* will return results for tool, tools, etc.
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    Re: New Dedicated Pandora Forums

    Forums change, even this one did when we had that annoying quote bug, shit happens, move on people, it is about time, imho.
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    android on pandora

    I know, I was just sticking my summary from the other forum in :)
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    Meh, I personally would like all Pandora info in one place. GP32X was created around the Gamepark, and then Gamepark Holdings communities. They were never official GP32 or GP2X forums, but they were created by OPT because the official forums were crap. Ed did a great service to the community...