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    Is The Sgx Sdk Mandatory To Use Opengl Es ?

    Using the POWERVR SDK is not a requirement for developing OpenGL ES applications for Pandora. You could get the OpenGL ES and EGL headers from the Khronos Registry, and link against the libraries that ship with Pandora. However, even if you don't want to use the SDK please make sure you read...
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    SGX GLES 1.1 performance issues

    I'd strongly recommend using indexed triangle lists, i.e. glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, ...). Also make sure all your vertex data (including indices) is stored in buffer objects and using the smallest adequate data type. This can make quite a performance difference.
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    Sgx Floating Point?

    Short: Don't use GL_FIXED. Long: Don't use GL_FIXED unless you are using dynamically generated vertex data and you're absolutely sure the CPU can generate it faster as 16.16 fixed point than another suitable type (which may be float, half-float, or even 8/16 bit integers with scale/bias). 16.16...
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    Simple C++ Questinon

    That's not a good example for operator overloading, though, because it doesn't do what the user expects from an operator+.
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    Have a look at the difference specifications that can be found on the Khronos website ( In ES 1.1 there are a handful of OpenGL commands which only take parameters of type GLdouble, these have been replaced with equivalent GLfloat variants: glClearDepth...
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    Screen Stretch, Opengl?

    Using OpenGL just for stretching a rectangle to the screen would be a waste of battery power on Pandora. This stretching can be done more efficiently by the display controller.
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    Release Quake2 Nanogl

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    Release Quake2 Nanogl

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    3d Demos

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    Latest Keyboard Layout

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    3d Demos

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    3d Demos

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    Should I Use Stl Containers?

    It's important to understand that GPU and CPU work in parallel, with the driver implementing a command buffer so that applications which typically submit their rendering commands in bursts don't get slowed down by one unit having to wait for the other. If the GPU was reading directly from the...