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    Neogeo Dat File ?

    What says on the title, is there a dat file for cmpro or other similar program, to sort/clean neogeo roms ? Thanks
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    No Neogeo Roms !

    Hallo 1. is there a way to separate the neogeo roms from a full 4.1 mame rom set ? 2. Also is there a Clrmame dat file for neogeo roms ? 3. Does gngeo and mamegp2x use the same romset for neogeo games ? Thanks in advance.
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    Batteries Problem

    I just bought a hi speed charger with 4 NiMH - 1.2 V - 2300 mAh batteries, I charged them in 5 hours until the led starts to blink, but when I put them in my GP2X nothing happened :( I put them in other devices (TV remotes, GBA) and they work OK ! What is the problem ???
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    Neostuey's Icons ???

    All of NeoStuey's icons seem to have been deleted from his website and I never got around to downloading them :( Where can I download the icons from ?
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    Mame Gp2x 2.3

    I get random crashes when I try to get back to the menu :( In previous versions it was OK Also in 'Disks of Tron' the streching creates garbage on the bottom of the screen. Other than these all is well :)
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    Mame Without Neogeo.....

    Is it possible to have a gamelist without the Neogeo games, or a clrmame.dat to delete them automatically ???
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    Cdisplay ?

    I don't know if you are familiar with CDisplay a comic reading program ? Is there a similar program available on the gp32 or gp2x ???
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    Alternative Mame Gp32 Frontend

    This should do that for you, maybe I will add it to the auto generated 'Unfiltered' group. Filter-Group="No Clones" { "No Clones" cloneof regexp (^$) } Thanks zaq121 that did the trick :P Is there a way for the frontend to remember the last filter and the last game I played ? Because...
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    Alternative Mame Gp32 Frontend

    Excellent ! Is there a filter to display only the original roms (excluding the clones) ???
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    Mame Gp32 1.9 !!!

    Flubba is in :o Excellent news :)
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    Please Report Mame Gp32 1.6 Bugs !

    Is it possible in the next version to be able to switch the A and B buttons, that would benefit a lot of games ! Thanks for all of the great work guys
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    Mame Gp32 1.6 Download !

    This is great. Now only if it was possible to switch the A and B buttons that would be perfection . Thanks for all of the great work guys :)
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    Mame Wish List

    The ability to change the keys, if that is not possible change the arrangement of keys in 'Bank Panic' and 'Gunsmoke' Add Tapper please !!! Thanks in advance.
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    New Games For Gp32 Mame 1.2.3

    Bank Panic could use a rearange of the buttons (like Missile Command)! What about Tapper, I thought it was playable in Mame .34 Also have you found a way to control dual joystick games (Crazy Climber, Robotron, etc)???
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    Mystery Of The Fday Reveiled

    I am a betatester, but I can't see the betas in rlyehs page ! What I'm missing ?