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    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    I'd definitely buy a couple of them so I can fix my broken cable and have a spare. I want to be able to keep my pandora alive forever. I'd be willing to preorder, no problem. Many thanks to hns if this does go ahead!
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    What should be included in the firmware?

    I'm all for the minimal install on the base NAND. If the OS is going to be debian, then we could benefit from the debian way of doing things! Run tasksel or something equivalent on first run (it's just a little ncurses GUI which runs some apt-get installs), and if people don't have working wifi...
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    First batchers out there?

    My CC unit has been through a few transformations, a new battery, two new cases, a new LCD cable and possibly an upcoming resolder of the volume wheel. The mainboard itself holds up great, those original black cases just seemed to crumble apart eventually though.
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    2014 - a Sneak Peek! (2014-01-02)

    This means that the plastic stand-off (I'm sure there's a proper name) has broken and come off of the other side of the case, or at least, that's what this has meant for me in the past.
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    Thoughts on wireless hardware

    I like the idea of having the ability to decode many different types of radio data, the more features, the better. I wonder if a software defined radio would be a viable way of decoding many standards?
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    TV-Out Cable - Prototype finished (2013-05-03)

    I can confirm that in a worst case scenario, no harm will occur, instead you'll just get a black and white picture. In this case you can just use an s-video to composite adapter.
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    Free Software Foundation Certified 802.11 N USB Adapter

    This is great news! I hope they get this working in iPXE if they haven't already, it'll be great to have an easily sourced and supported dongle.
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    Replacement cases

    Thanks for that, I've done a lot of electronics dis-assembly and related things, but I'd hate to be stuck waiting for another cable to ship if I mess this one up. So I'll probably just order an extra.
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    Replacement cases

    I've been looking through your shop and looking to get a new case and battery for my pandora (old case falling apart from expanding battery). And I noticed you didn't have the platinum cases in stock alone, instead only bundled with screens. Are you going to be getting individual cases in stock...
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    Pandora Is the Pandora capable of emulating a USB HID device? (Yes!)

    I envision one day a pandora that can emulate a keyboard, mouse, a bootable cd-rom and a flash dongle all at once, for the ultimate in portable PC repair solutions, of course this day will probably never reach our beloved pandora. Your project however is an excellent start! I wish you luck in...
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    Release ISO Optical Drive

    Just for future reference, you can use VMWare (probably virtualbox too) to test this. You just download plop boot manager: , mount the ISO as a CD-ROM in the virtual machine, tell VMWare to mount the USB device, and then hit USB boot inside plop...
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    Dreamcast : to region hack or to not region hack ?

    I've got no opinion on the region-free proposal. But you should definitely get an SD-Adapter, just check this out:
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    Skyrim gear leveling?

    I'm pretty confident that the gear you inherited wasn't level based, and pretty much everything that mattered was percentage based. And armour as a whole gave a fixed rating which is a straight percentage decrease, so again that scales too. So I think you should be fine.
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    Release ISO Optical Drive

    I've done a bit of a testing, I think I posted earlier in the thread. It's not so much that the script is broken, it looks perfectly fine and the virtual drive it creates behaves like a normal drive should for the most part. However after some googling of the issue we're having it seems more...
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    Skyrim gear leveling?

    It's been a while for Skyrim for me too, so my recollection won't be completely up to date. However, even end of quest line stuff is usable in crafting, allowing to improve it. This meaning, even if you did mess things up (which I don't think you have), if you do a bit of crafting you'll get...