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    Mupen64 sources release

    Power finally came back on. The first post has been modified.
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    Mupen64 sources release

    Attached are the sources I have been working on. It emulates, can't really play. So what has been done: The Core: The core has been completely adapted to the Pandora and is utilizing the mupen 2.0 api standard, while retaining the options to be built on x86, and x86-64. Video Plugins...
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    I am sorry to give bad news. Right now my family is currently in a crisis and almost all my free time has to go to them for now. However, I did make strides for the video plugin to almost fully utilizied the sdl calls in the core. I hope to fully put more attention to this soon.
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    N64 Emulation on 1Ghz Pandora...

    What made Daedalus successful was the native high level emulation ability since the psp has a MIPS processor. Another advantage the psp had is that it has a co-processor to supplement the main one and Daedalus took advantage of this for their Async audio feature and some calculation. Finally...
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    Pandora supporter group

    Sure... why not changed my mind.
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    All attempts I have made for 1.99.5 were in vain. I am going to fallback on to 1.99.4, so much for trying to get on the bleeding edge. I apologize in advance to those who wanted the possibility of Pokemon Stadium. I am anticipating a beta test soon.
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    Its on hold. I have to give priority to my school finals. It will resume after next week. I apologize for the lack of updates.
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    Release SuperZaxxon - Beta 3 released

    Has anyone try usb devices with this? I have played the swap game with an ext2 formated key and have seen no events in the dmesg log. I also tried sticking a mouse to it through a hub. The usb still powers it, but there is again no dmesg events for connecting it.
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    Pandora PNDManager

    B-ZaR, it seems that PNDmanager doesn't like linux file systems for some weird reason. When the download button is pressed on an ext3 formated sd card, the screen will just pan left with out a download prompt. According to the out dump, has failed during this event.
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    Rebirth Competition Release Thread

    Very Nice line up. I know everyone came for qemu, but Beta Block Quest, and open dune were nice surprises. The new overlay kill menu was a much needed addition.
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    Openpandora Mark 6
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    Well, I went ahead and scraped the work on the 1.94 version and transitioned my efforts on the 1.95 version. I been busy this week and I am still very busy.
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    Way to prevent input from the emulated mouse?

    Hello, is there a way to prevent input from the emulated pointer for a program and input the information just from the touch screen device? I need to prevent mouse drags. (This isn't mupen related. ;) )
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    (N64 Emu) Mupen64plus 2.0

    I didn't see it, but I heard it. I have mupen 2.0 working with sound. no video output yet. I know I said I had rice working, It is working. I just need to rewrite how the screen is drawn.