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    Gigadrive Errors...

    got these working if anyones interested sonic 1 sonic 2 sonic and crakers sonic and knucles sonic complilation (s1 s2 dr robonik bean mac) sonic jam 6 (super mario bros) super 19098 sonic 6 (menu garbled but games ok) virtual bart revenge of shinobi garou densetsu (j)[!] quite alot more
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    Help Intalling Gpcone.zpk

    yep have full 128meg card that has ubook on it thats all also yes i installed ubook (with install option) doing my ed in as joygp has not replied to e-mail ive sent after paying 5 squid gp32_console chipper chapper chopper any more advice would be great
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    Help Intalling Gpcone.zpk

    bought from joygp downloaded tryed to intall the zpk file says smc error treid intalling other apps ok tried in pclink and original firmware?? help what the fork am i doing wrong???
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    Tomak Compo 2k4 Games!!

    maybe it was as this could be completly different gameplay hopefully its just like the original smythe
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    Gbax 2004 Best Gp32 Entries?

    1.gigadrive of course 2.kof 91 3.Universal Mercenary 4.vertical only my personal opinion universal mercenary gets number 3 in my opinion cos its so funny and the grafix are very good and it reminds me very much of one of my old fav's combat school smythe
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    Fgen News :)

    hope it supports fatal fury whoopass it really needs sound for me pleaseeeeee!! how about working on a 32x emu??? smythe
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    Power Socket Help

    that shouldnt make any diff mine is a pain slightist movement and it resets you have to make sure its well in i use one of the multi- adapter i bought of a bosnian down the local car-boot
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    Some Of The Top Games & Programs

    on mine kof91+extras scummvm+monkey island 1&2 littlejohn smythe
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    Better Emu's

    great idea should have a vote on which emu would most like to be updated im up for donating to any 16bit emu
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    For Sale: Gp32 Flu & 2x 128mb Smc/games For £70

    i will give u 55 squid for the lot lmk smythe
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    how do you get past the copy lame protection on monkey 1&2 what buttons do i press cheers in advance smythe
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    Kof91 Backgrounds For Download Here

    i will be uploading some mortal kombat bgrounds&mods soon + an mk fonted look and charactor select bground --- u just need to download your own charactors ... will be editing the intro for mk whoopy do! so if u delete everything else it should look like mk wts smythe
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    Kof91 Backgrounds For Download Here

    NTL does this regular, i upload files to the web space and they dissapear if anyone wants the kof2000 email me and ill mail it over ... till ive sorted it as for ripping charater sprites ive noticed theres quite a few allready avalible for download but i might have...
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    Sports Game

    a port of hyper sports or track and field would be top bannana smythe
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    Kof91 Backgrounds For Download Here

    it should now smythe