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    How long is shipping from

    Remember they ship from China. It can take anywhere from 3 days (rarely) to a week (common) to a month (uncommon, but possible, especially during Christmas time to about Valentines day).
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    Why not an ethernet port? ... 6833156133 Something like this?
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    Should I get a Pandora?

    On the pandora it will run so fast that you will see the frames before it even processes it: it goes back in time! ......... Serious answer: we can't know until we get one.
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    Should I get a Pandora?

    A large number of the 1st batch people probably can't program at all. What made you think you had to be able to program? You don't, and the programs that will hopefully flood in the file archive when people start working on it will allow you to run mostly anything you want, either the exact...
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    pandora hands on? + when is the next preorder, if there is?

    Re: pandora hands on? If you're on the mailing list you'll probably get another email concerning the second preorder.
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    Obama's won

    What's wrong with socialism? Yes, I am an American, and yes, I know what it is. And schools, emergency units, police departments, firefighters, welfare, and a whole lot of other things are already socialized in the United States.
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    USB device question :)

    That's the beauty of open source. You just need to port the drivers.
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    USB device question :)

    It's unlikely, but somebody COULD make a driver you know... Either for the pandora or you just got lucky and one got released recently, etc.
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    USB device question :)

    Tip: download ubuntu using wubi and install it or burning the livecd and booting it: livecd Wubi You can do those from there. Next, load Ubuntu from Wubi or the LiveCD and try using a USB device...
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    hi, i want to play Morrowind now that it's got 256 mbs ram

    That part won't be hard at all at least. We just need a Pandora and a working recent Linux environment. Hell, even I could do it ;)
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    Sales How did paypal users send payment?

    For a few bucks, you can send a money order. ... onally.htm Says $3.85. You should contact them as said here though, to get the location/address, and more detailed instructions. That would be the cheapest option.
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    Joke time: So a guy walks into a bar...

    I think he meant combing.
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    Pandora gets 256MB of RAM!

    D: =D
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    Flash memory and filesystem, wear levelling is an answer

    I have had 3 failures of flash media, and this advice is worth its weight in gold (then again, you should always have backups...). 2 were permanent flash card failures, and 1 was a random partition wipe.