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    Downgrade Caanoo

    Ok so when I first got my caanoo a long time ago, I upgraded it to 1.6.1.  Is it possible to downgrade to 1.5 or am I just stuck.  Just curious. I picked up the old caanoo today because I now have time to play games again (Yay).
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    Magic The Gathering Life Counter

    That would be interesting, or what would be cool is to use the wireless to lookup trade prices on starcitygames or link it to wizards card database.
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    Magic The Gathering Life Counter

    Just my own would be cool and track of poison counters. I may have to look at the calculator.
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    Apple Ii Emulator?

    You are very correct. However, the Apple II was the best they ever built. Developed by the Woz himself, it was their best product. Then that prick jobs went all "Fuck you Apple II, Mac wins".
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    Magic The Gathering Life Counter

    I've looked all over for a flash based magic the gathering life counter that I could run on my Caanoo. Either for flash or native for the Caanoo would be nice.
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    Magnavox Odyssey²/philips Videopac G7000

    Man this is the system I grew up with. I love this system.
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    Leather Case For Caanoo

    Anyone know if there is a leather case that can fit the Caanoo like what they have for the Wiz? I saw the jelly case but I would prefer a leather one that clips on the belt.
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    Dosbox/master Of Magic

    sweet, I'll keep an eye for things.
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    Dosbox/master Of Magic

    I would love to play Master of Magic on my Caanoo. I figure it would need DoxBox to run but from what I understand, DosBox never ran right on the Wiz.
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    Best Large Capacity Sd Card

    I am probably going to pick up either an 8 gig or 4 gig sd card. What makes seem to work best with the Caanoo?
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    Pcsx4All Disk Swapping

    Sweet, thx
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    Pcsx4All Disk Swapping

    Well I figured out my issue with my Final Fantasy 7 disks and now I have another question. How does the emulator handle multiple disks? How do you swap disks in game? Just curious before I begin to load things up on my caanoo
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    Ffvii On Caanoo In Psx4All

    My bet is a bad iso since it took forever to make. I will try it on the pc first. Thought I would make acomment, it was a bad iso. Got it to work on pc, the Caanoo will be next.
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    Ffvii On Caanoo In Psx4All

    Ok, made an iso of my Final Fantasy 7 disk. Loaded a BIOS into the main directory for the emulator, keeps going back to the load screen for psx4all. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
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    Wiz Vs Caanoo

    I liked the Wiz I had for a week before I returned it due to a missing part (realized they screwed up originally and sent me all of the accessories minus one thing). Since my Mom who purchased it as a gift for me paid the full price, I returned the Wiz and got the Caanoo. I like the Caanoo...