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    Gpx2 Port

    Of course its easy to make a battery powered usb 'extender' ie. a male usb port to female usb port with added power from a battery pack (9v battery, a few AA's....) gp32_console <---{battery}---< <[usb thumb drive]
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    400mhz Processor In Gpx2, Please!

    The biggest problem may be clocking BOTH the processors. Say one processor clocks all the way to 250mhz, but the other only 233mhz.... the highest you could go would be 233 right? then again, both cores will likely come from the same batch.... I dunno.
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    Power/design Gpx2 V.s. Xgp

    Very well written CB, accept for the spacing :) I guess the GP32 scene has gone down the path of forum dick-headedness. Let me paraphrase "omg that guy called it Tiger Telemantic's and not Tiger, OMFG lets jump him! And he used improper line spacing? BLASHPHOMY!! I have nothing better to do...
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    Who Is Selling Their Gp32 At Ebay?

    HEY! i have ADD and dont do that....often :ph34r: ............. :unsure: where am i?
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    Nintendo Ds Emulator Released!

    :rolleyes: wow... Smart media cards ARE flash cards, as are CF, SD, memstick, XD, etc....
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    Super Metroid Review!!

    I'm sorry, but you have made super metroid look much less than it is ;) The music was a work of orchestral genius by a man who left nintendo with a lot to work off of (not that they nessecarily did <_< ) anyway this game is top notch, awsome graphics, awsome music... awsome.... :D :ph34r...
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    Rubies Of Eventide

    sys req: 800mhz processor 128 megs of ram ... ...well u can play with just about that :lol: i think the graphics card has to be a certain size or more, but then again im playing just fine with a Dell laptop :rolleyes:
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    Rubies Of Eventide

    Its ok... I would say not as good as FFXI but still pretty good :D PLEASE people, spread the word about this game, there are like 40 people running around a huge world. We need players! :lol:
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    Rubies Of Eventide

    Hi everyone, i would like to write a mini review/suggestion/history lesson for Rubies of Eventide. It all started a few years back when i was just getting (3D) MMORPG's. I wanted to try them out without spending money. But all the "free" ones sucked serious ass at the time. But i happend to...
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    State Of Emulation

    Hi everybody, just happend to pop into another thread :D Can anyone tell me how SNES emulation is on GP32 at this point in time? And YES i know i've asked this before... but that was a long time ago... when OpenSNES9x had JUST come out :D All this new GP32 stuff is fricken AWSOME!!!! is...
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    I Thought Of Something...

    Nope, sorry, cant happen ;) . The GP32 does not (and sadly can never...) have the hardware to support de-modulating TV signals. Also, cable does not come through the air :blink: otherwise i would have cable <_<. I believe the RF thing is 2.4ghz, which is WAY far away from FM frequency...
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    First of all, just thought i'd pop in :D Secondly, Azure, that is possibly the WORST workmanship i have EVER seen from a PROFESSIONAL. PERIOD. I would demand either: a. A replacement b. A refund c. At least a fix (ie. replacement case, new buttons, blah blah blah...) <_< btw.... i live...
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    Whats About These Emus?

    No reason to be an ass... ;) Is there really a need to bring personal issues to the gp32x forum? i highly doubt it....
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    GP32 Palmos

    hmm, heap ram..... I was seriously considering the T|T1 because of its OMAP processor (floating point is good for emu it think...) but the teeny-weeny heap ram may be a problem....
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    GP32 Palmos

    Akuma no Houkon, i dont know what the hell your smoking, but PocketSNES is for PocketPC and GBA ONLY! NOT PALM! Get your OS's right!