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    Aluminium Case ready for preorder! (2014-07-18)

    I ordered 2 a grey and a black one :) For my 2 Pandora's they needed some love. They will look amazing waiting for their big brother the Pyra!
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    Beta Upcoming (Hf5) Firmware Image Beta 2

    I had a similar problem. Last night I installed the HF5 v2 and power seemed to be ok. But I went to sleep and let the pandora charging overnight and I woke up and saw that the red light was off, other times it would stay on all the time for me even when on full charge. I unplugged it and...
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    "your Pandora Has Been Shipped"

    still nothing on my 2 pandoras queue position 550-650 :( Update: Oh Yeah Baby!!! Just got confirmation that my 2 pandoras will ship on monday with UPS 550-650 in queue!!
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    Release Hatari (Atari St Emu) 1.4.0 Released

    Vsync please! That's am option that's always on for me :)
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    Nubs and a Schedule (2010-11-04)

    Being at 550-650 there is a chance that I would get it before Christmas, maybe even in 1 month sound a bit unreal though after more than 2 years of waiting :)
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    Nubs and a Schedule (2010-11-04)

    So this week only 200 boards will be tested? If these are ok will they be send to the UK to start assembly on the 24th? And will the remaining be produced and tested the week after?
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    Overclocking And Overvolting

    So what is the max speed that the Pandora runs with overvolting? 1.1Ghz?
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    SD card for press Reviews

    I hope this image file of the card will be available for everyone would be great for linux newbies. Gngeo that would be nice can you release it as a PND?
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    Learn Python

    Thanks, this will be one of the FUN things I want to do with my Pandora once it arrives :)
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    Learn Python

    Bummer, maybe when I got my Pandora it will work :)
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    Learn Python

    Is Python fast enough to make a platformer or shooter with parallax scrolling?
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    anyone notice?

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    New nubs: Almost there! (2010-08-30)

    Let's hope I get my Pandora (550-650) before my trip to the US on October 3rd. It's looking good now, hopefully no more delays from now on.
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    Dosbox System shock 2

    System Shock 1 was pretty awesome, I also wonder how well that would run? Never played version 2.
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    New users, say hello

    Hi all! Only a couple of weeks and I should have my pandora :D (I hope :) 550-650) Let the good times roll...