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    Pandora How Much Performance Can Give The Pandora Gpu

    If the 360 can work with 512MB of RAM split between the CPU and GPU, then I think the Pandora will be just fine with 128MB of RAM. Sure I would love more RAM, who wouldn't, but really that is more then enough. Heck the PSP has 32MB of RAM (now 64MB in the 'lite' version) and it has discs to load...
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    Gp2x Thunder Power Pack (new 3600mah Battery)

    Yep if you play them in series (think stacking them on top of each other), you will increase the voltage. If you place them parallel (run a wire across all the + and another on all the -) then you will increase the mAh. I would probably come running back to the scene if it were not for the...
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    Payback Playable Demo Released

    Well I sold my GP2x awhile ago and ended up buying a 360 and am very happy with it (but I have to get it repaired). But this makes me want to come all the way back running to the scene. I don't mean to brag but I told JRD about the console way in the early days and said a port would probably be...
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    News Update From Gc Germany

    ^Lol I do remember that. Shame I finally sold my GP2X, as I just got sick of all the hardware quirks to it. I really wanted to play payback. Any news on what the firmware update will do? Seeing the minor things from 1.4>2.0 must be a screen saver.
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    Fs: Gp2x W/ 1gb, Tv-out, Case + More

    Just wanted to say only 1 day and 5 hours left to get your bids in!
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    Why Banned What A Nonsence

    Can this thread just be deleted now? You know there are some great things for sale below this thread. Like my GP2X! (go check it out ;) )
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    Fs: Gp2x Handheld With 2gb Sd, Case, Ac Adapter, Tv-out

    *SOLD* Looks like you guys will have to go bid on my GP2X below! :P
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    Fs: Gp2x W/ 1gb, Tv-out, Case + More

    Up for auction is a like new GP2X with all the trimmings Includes: • GP2X system with original box • 1GB high speed Kingston SD card • 2 TV-Out cables (Improved, 2nd edition cable, which works great. Also included is faulty first edition cable) • Official GP2X carrying case • New style joystick...
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    For Sale Gp2x Mk1 With Carrying Case, Tv-out Cable(s) And New Stick Ca

    Do you want an SD? I just figured with SD prices being this low people would prefer to just buy the size they wanted. I only have a some cruddy 8mb and 128mb SD cards plus I have my high speed 1GB card but that I want to keep for my camera because I spent extra money to get the higher speed and...
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    For Sale Gp2x Mk1 With Carrying Case, Tv-out Cable(s) And New Stick Ca

    If anyone is confused I will ship anywhere, it's just the closer to the USA you are the cheaper it will be of course. Also if requested I will included a starter CD of all my favorite homebrew games and emulators (no roms) to help get you started. The system has been hardly used and can...
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    Fondle How Got Pained

    Can we get a lock/move? This crap is on top of my gp2x for sale which can be found here :P
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    For Sale Gp2x Mk1 With Carrying Case, Tv-out Cable(s) And New Stick Ca

    As much as I love my GP2X, I never really use it and I am looking for some extra cash (arn't we all?). Up for grabs is a fully working GP2X MK1 (no head phone problems, bricking, ect.) it has the latest firmware v2.0 on it. Along with it you get: •Two Tv-Out cables, one of them is the...
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    New Firmware Soon!

    I am hoping for MPEG-4 support, a couple seconds shaved off the startup time and no audio coming out of speakers when using TV out. Plus some magical improvement that makes the batteries last longer, And maybe we can get rid of those scanlines ;P (What? I can still wish)
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    Smashgp2x V0.1

    *Looks at SD card* "OMG I am G" ....looks at website damn just old news "11/06/2006" (switch the 6 and 11 for most contries I believe).
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    Sokoban 1.0

    Puting this on my SD card right now and I can say it is quite a pain with 700+ files. I am no coder but do you think it would be possible to put your lvl packs in some sort of compressed file like .rar and then have the gp2x uncompress them? That would make the game have about 50 files. Not to...