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    Does anyone have a copy of the ADIC2003 games?

    Oh cool, thanks, that is some of them! But AD025 from ADIC2003 (which was my 2nd attempt at making a liero clone, completely different from LieroGP) does not look like it's there. So I'm still looking for that!
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    Does anyone have a copy of the ADIC2003 games?

    Long ago, I wrote some GP32 games. Since then, I've lost all the source code and binaries. I'd really like to get the binaries back so that I can see the games that I wrote again. I'm particularly interested in game AD025 from the ADIC2003 competition (see...
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    Fucking Grub Boot Loader For Linux

    Easiest way is to leave XP and LILO/GRUB on different hard drives, then switch them in BIOS. You could even use a small HD (I think) for LILO/GRUB, and have it boot off a GNU/Linux partion on your big HD... I could never get GRUB to work at all, or LILO to boot Windows.
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    What Kind Of Os Do You Have On Your Computer?

    Gentoo GNU/Linux and Windozer XP. I voted Linux, since it's 95%-5% GNU/Linux-Windows. Only reason I still have windows is for some stupid school software that doesn't work on GNU/Linux.
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    Abuse Of Moderator Power Poll

    Moderater abuse!!! I voted 1000 times for no :P
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    Swf To Avi Converting

    Play it and use a screen recorder to record it. But I dunno how well screen recorders work, it might be too jerky.
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    Wargame Maker

    I couldn't make a "Wargame", but I could and would play them ;)
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    Yes, it does overclock your GP32, too. If it only showed you if you could go that high, then what would be the point of having the setting in the emulator? ;) And you aren't allowed to ask for commercial ROMs, but PD ROMS are ok :)
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    New Project

    Ohhh Use a neural net :) I've tried making something like this a while ago, but I never got past typing in: int main(void * args) { } ;)
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    How To Gently Open My Gp32 Flu To...

    You broke your joystick? Thats what happened to me :). Or are you just doing that fix to make it more responsive? (I think thats what broke mine).
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    List Ur Pc/s Specs

    PC AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (1.86GhZ) ASUS A7N8X Mobo 512MB PC3200 RAM (cheap stuff that won't really get to 200MhZ, crashes when I try to put the FSB anything over 186MhZ) 80GB HD + 80GB Backup + 40GB Windows HD Gentoo Linux Laptop Pentium 233 MMX 32MB RAM 2GB HD 800x600 screen WIn 98SE
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    Gmail Invites.

    How scary :unsure: I was innocently looking at my e-mail and I noticed that I had 6 invites :). First 6 ppls to PM me get them!
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    Web Browsers

    Firefox on Gentoo Linux :)
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    Best Bios Flash Ever (i Think)!!

    You are all cr8zzy!!!11oneone!11 I flashed my GP32 to the same BIOS my computer mobo uses, and nailed a Athlon XP 2500+ to the GP32's mobo, and it is as good as my normal computer!oneoneone111!! Computer BIOS p0wnzzzzz!!!!oneoneone111 Or mabye all that is a conspiracy and I really use MultiFW...
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    Windows 98se

    I use 98SE on my old laptop :) But my other computer is 80% linux. I use it for my main OS, but when I want to use flash (once every one or two weeks), I boot into windozer for a while. Hope that Macromedia releases a linux version soon, so I can be 100% linux.