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    I Still Use My Game Park Machines

    I haven't used my GP2X F-100 for a while now. I've still got the toolchain installed if some interesting development comes along.
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    Please Welcome Our Newest Gurus!

    Well done.
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    Anybody Still Have Nickspoon's Crap Game Competition Games?

    I've still got my entry, PDX (Paint Dry eXtreme) but it didn't win anything.
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    New Ports?

    There used to be a rating system, but some people abused it so much, the ratings were meaningless.
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    New Ports?

    Only The 12 Balls Game has a source code link (ports require source code) and I doubt many of the developers have a GP2X anyway. I'll have a look at the code to see if it's feasible to port it to the GP2X. The GP2X has hardly been dropped overnight, mine is more than 6 years old (and showing...
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    New Ports?

    Care to tell us which games you're talking about?
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    Mount External Hdd On Cradle

    I've not got a external HDD, F200, cradle or firmware 4.00, I've got F100 and a development breakout board. I tried a card reader and USB sticks and found 2 things: 1) Larger USB sticks don't work - probably because there are no SDHC drivers. 2) In the settings of firmware 2.1.1, under the USB...
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    Gp2X Issues, And A Possible Modification?

    I have used an external supply with batteries in without damaging my GP2X, but it's not recommended. Note: you can't charge the batteries while they're in the GP2X. I assume you were using a 3V 1A regulated supply, centre -ve outside +ve. What AA batteries are you using? Ordinary AAs will...
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    Gp2X Issues, And A Possible Modification?

    Sound like the voltage converter. Info here I also think I remember someone recommending taking the batteries out when using an external power supply.
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    The Best F100 Homebrews?

    You might want to try searching this forum. Some of older posts won't have the newer stuff, but there's still some good homebrew there. Here's a couple for starters: Link 1 Link 2
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    Gp2X Game Reviews

    Chess2X version is now available in the archive.
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    Getting Gp2X Online

    I still use my GP2X F100A (fw 2.1.2). Try this.
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    Gp2X Game Reviews

    And another thing... :) Re: sound. The volume works for me, but you do need to press the keys a number of times - another place where auto-repeat would help.
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    Gp2X Game Reviews

    Thanks, I may do an update following your review. I haven't done any more development to it because I hadn't had anymore feedback. I wasn't quite sure what you meant by "sticky" wrt the controls. The only thing I thought was that auto repeat on the cursor movement might be an improvement.
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    Gp2X Game Reviews

    Chess2X is GPL licensed. The source with the licence is in the archive. I probably should put it in the released version too. As the Readme says, it uses the xboard protocol (no code) which is just some text commands. The gnuchess executable is included but no changes were made to the code, I...