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    Gp2x Commercial Games

    I think the focus is clearly on commercial games and not homebrew stuff. I would also think about purchasing a GP2x if there would be some exclusive boxed commercial games, because I like to collect games. Otherwise the system wouldn't be that interesting for me.
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    Boxed Game List

    I definately never seen any of the "missing" games boxed. Once there was a boxed version of Pinball Dreams announced but unfortunately it was never released boxed. The only 2 boxed releases I'm missing are Therapy and One shot voca. A friend of mine has/had Therapy, I saw the box but never...
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    Boxed Game List

    Yes, Therapy is available boxed.
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    Gp32 Boxed Commerical Games For $14.95

    Thank you for pointing me to this seller! He has BOXED Wanna be Wizards, yeah! I was searching for this game since it came out.
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    I Want To Buy Wanna Be Wizard, But Where?

    Does anyone know a location where to buy this game except from Gamepark? Or is there anyone who would like to sell it to me?
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    How Did You Found Out About The Gp32?

    Back in 2002 I read an article about this new handheld from Korea in a german magazine called 'Maniac'. I thought about purchasing one, as I saw there are some exclusive commercial games available. After one week of thinking I ordered my NLU at Lik-Sang together with 4 games. BTW, I'm...
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    Blue Angelo

    Very nice review and very detailed. I played the game yesterday for the first time and agree with your conclusion. Some points from me: At least the german translation is as engrish as the english one. The language-select screen spells "Deutsh" instead of "Deutsch". Any when you play the game...
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    Wanna Be Wizard Is Now Available

    @Lethe: As you are translating the manual also, I'm looking forward to buy me a boxed version some day! Really great! I hope I'll find a shop anywhere around the world, which will be selling the boxed version... I need it very badly!!! :P Again cheers mate for the great work you've done!
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    Wanna Be Wizard Is Now Available

    Great news!!! I'm looking forward to buy this game as one of the last Box-releases! I'm very thankful for translating this game and bring it to us gamers. Great news! Keep up the exceptional work dude!
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    Does Anyone Got Gp Fight Here?

    I own the game. It looks nice and sweet but is a real beast. It's unfair, point. My first impression was "Hey what a nice game" but after 30 minutes I was so frustrated, I didn't managed to get past level 2. I wouldn't recommend it.
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    Commercial Games.

    I don't think they will stock games for the GP32 again. Only probable new releases like e.g. GSaga or Bloody Cross. The past 2 years there were always some 'out of stock' games listed at Play-Asia. But they were restocked some weeks after that. Now it's the first time that they are sold out...
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    Commercial Games.

    BTW, did anyone notice that Play-Asia removed ALL GP32 articles? They're all 'Out of print'. I expect that no commercial game will get a package release in the future. So no Bloody Cross, Pinball Dreams etc. No more commerial games to collect.
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    How Many SMC's Do You Have For Your GP?

    I've got two. One for testing my own stuff and give other games, emus etc. a testdrive. The really good games, apps go onto my "fine" card :-)
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    GP32 Timing Problem Or Is My Code To Slow?

    @mr.mirko: Thanks again! Your suggestion that my swap_screen() function didn't do the right things was correct. In fact I painted to a visible screenbuffer. I corrected this and are now working on the collision detectio (hard job, for me) ;) Thank you for your time and effort! @SvOlli: As I'm a...
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    GP32 Timing Problem Or Is My Code To Slow?

    @mr.mirko: Thanks mate! I'll try this as soon as I have time to continue to work on my little project (that will be tomorrow). Could have been that I'm mixing things up when to paint what. I'll let you know about my success. @Oankali: I've read some articles concerning code optimization and...