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    Ebay: "commodore 64 Emulator For The Gp2x"

    That sucks Skeezix :(
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    Ebay: "commodore 64 Emulator For The Gp2x"

    Sheesh, tell me about it, I once described something I was selling as 'like' something else and they made me pull it off Ebay. As far as I can tell it just comes down to whether a company have paid in to Vero and got some zealot to protect their copyright.
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    Emulation Development And Gamepark?

    Agree - It seems to me that Zottd has done some pretty far-out coding to try and get psx running, I doubt a 'pro' developer could do much more...
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    Why Would You Choose The Gp32ii Over The Psp?

    GP32 II was the 'working title' for the GP2X
  5. M Closes Down

    and yet 'pre-order' PS3's have been OK'd by Ebay :rolleyes: It strikes me that Sony are being a bit short sighted here by pissing off the more hardcore gamers who use import services etc...
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    Payback Playable Demo Released

    Well, I must admit I was pretty sceptical when I saw the video, but this is a polished product indeed :D I particularly like the Mockney UK slant on the whole thing, I would have preferred different music, but hey, well done guys!
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    GP2X The Gp2x Bounty - Make Your Wishlist Here!

    Well, you can take me off the list now, I paid Chris Mccormick £10 for his port of PD, seems like he didn't know anything about this scheme so he just made a tenner out of the blue :lol:
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    Puredata Gp2x

    Yes to both of the above, (although in the case of rendering this depends on whether disk handling is supported by the runtime on the 2x.) Basically put PD is the environment which Max/msp is derived from and continues to be supported as a free alternative. If you want my advice, I would...
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    Puredata Gp2x

    :D Double Plus Good :D Chris: I put a bounty on this app, so if you give me your paypal I'll send you £10. Perhaps you could raise awareness of the scheme in the readme ? Original thread Gp2x Bounty thread Torpor: Reminds me of Tenari-on (Toshio Iwai:)
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    Drmd Source Code Released

    Many thanks for this wonderful emulator and your community spirit Reesey - good luck with your future endeavours, whatever they may be :)
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    Poll: Mod A D-pad, Use Stock Joystick, Buy New Gp2x If Integrated D-pa

    Since I don't have this level of contact with Craig, I'm reluctant to take sides... I have had great service from GBAX but I have also noticed that craig can be over-zealous defending the GP2X - I guess since GBAX became the official distributor for GP2X his livelihood is at stake from sales...
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    Xgp Alternatives

    I think that my response might be typical of the average potential customer, which is: I'd wait and see what the user-base and software development was like before buying an unknown system; similarly for the XGP I would want to know it was open-source and delivered on it's performance promises.
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    Xigon-x Updated Beta V0.8

    So now we're scaring off developers as well as noobs and prospective purchasers too ? :blink: All the guy needed was a polite note in his PM...
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    I Need Convincing To Buy A Gp2x

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Too many fanboys (and girls?) around here. At the end of the day there are those who are happy with the 2x and those who aren't - why worry if others criticise? Basically this is a nice toy for those inclined to get there hands dirty, it's not really a...
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    Dynarec Completed For Psx4all Project.

    @ Community means people talking to each other and helping each other out, not flaming people with RTFM due to your intellectual snobbery. The threads slack at them moment, a bit of conversation doesn't hurt - besides no-one else seems to mind answering the question...