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    Gpsp Is Out!

    Good but... - it shouldn't include gba_bios :P - does overclock function work ? (I found pollux_dpc_set in that folder and I wonder if it's working) - it would be nice to know the porter and have sourcecode
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    Neo Geo Emulator

    Had someone try to use large roms (KOF, metal slug, etc.) without using/dumping .gfx files ?
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    New Caanoo Forum Opening (For French Speakers / Francophone)

    You could post your forum here:
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    Prboom And Pickelauncher For Wiz

    It works, but only after I've added two missing libraries :P & (for who needs them, download and extract these files in prboom folder) http://www.mediafire...jjasd4odias4i4i P.s. Is it normal that it can start a wad only pushing/touching on Launch button (and...
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    Requesting Help With Neo-Geo On The Gp2X Wiz

    You could find a Big help about GnGeo here:
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    You had to post in "I need help" section :P BTW if you have original version of first Jazz jackrabbit, just copy those files in the "openjazz" folder (i.e. where is .gpe) (probably some files are uncessary, but it works)
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    The Legend Of Sword And Fairy(Sdlpal)

    Have you a save (after drunken guy) that we can use with English version ?
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    Problem With Fungp Money

    You could write to him: tonyhan(at) I bought 10000 G from Play-Asia at beginning of September, and I hadn't this problem. Perhaps, GPH changed something :rolleyes:
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    Does The Caanoo Need A Wiki?

    I know :P Just I'm wondering if you think to be able to port/install/use JVM for/on Caanoo
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    Does The Caanoo Need A Wiki?

    Huh? :huh: JVM ? :unsure:
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    Firmware 1.01 Out

    Tony Han on FB
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    Any News On New Console Emul?

    So.. could you make working only by touchscreen ? :unsure:
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    Caanoo, Noticeably Brighter On The Lower Part Of The Screen

    Sorry for ignorance... but could this problem be solved by firmware ?
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    Firmware 1.01 Out

    Probably this is for who has a pre-production Caanoo with FW 0.8.5 / 0.9.1 (like me), or eventually to reflash/downgrade firmware.
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    Atari Lynx Wiz Questions

    It's the alpha version ported by skeezix and packed with a skin by Rorque and Selector by ^Misato^.