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    In Search Of Adlib Music

    Hi I'm Micket, you may remember me from software such as OldPlay I'm currently writing an AdPlug-plugin for XMMS2, but i cannot find any adlib music online (see adplug formats The links i've found have all been dead, so anyone got some lying around? I'd...
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    Music Quality, .flac Vs. .mp3 On Pandora

    When it comes to down to a situation of high quality sound, where flac is even considered, why do i see MP3 pop up in every other reply? I dont think i've seen a modern listening test where MP3 has been one of the top players. Some technical issues (which i unfortunally had to come across when...
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    Preparing For Pandora Emulation With Regards To File Formats

    If it's psemu based (which I believe it is) then it should be rather easy to incorporate the code from binimage2, and have support for bin+cue directly. And compressed data as well. emcp; this is only for games that makes use of CD tracks, such as Wipeout, Rayman, Motoracer, Darius Gaiden, most...
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    Preparing For Pandora Emulation With Regards To File Formats

    bin + cue is fine. In fact, I added support compressing CDDA-tracks into the bin-image plugin for pcsx-df (which i assume any playstation emulator for the Pandora will be based on). Basically this means that for games that use actual CD-audio tracks the songs can be ripped and compressed as OGG...
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    Best Usb-gamepad Under Linux

    The button thing isn't going to happen if you look at MAME I think you will want a dualshock 3.
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    Could Jpcsp= Psp Emulation For Pandora?

    You make alot of good points, but my initial reply was really directed not to you (as i know that you know what you talk about) but to those who went "Eww slow!". I won't make guesses at what programming experience the JPCSP-developers have, but from what i've seen i gather they know more than...
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    Best Rom Format For Psx4pandora?

    gnargoyle11, i wouldn't expect any miracles with the CD-compression. Full CD-games are usually filled with videos or music, which won't compress much. I recently added support for CDDA-compression in a CD-plugin for PCSX-df (that is, for my PC). This is lossy compression (i.e. i make OGG-files...
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    Could Jpcsp= Psp Emulation For Pandora?

    I welcome more Java projects, PSP-emulation might not be for the Pandora (regardless of language) but the main problem now isn't speed, it's quality. All you who complain about the choice of language clearly have NO programming experience whatsoever. Use some JNI (which isn't that difficult)...
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    Pandora "pandora Live"

    Hmm. I find this project a bit promising :) From a user perspective I would have liked to have a list of available games people want to play, maybe with ping And definitely a possibility to filter out games i don't have. Also sending messages and requests sounds like a good idea as well. Just...
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    Another Gui Idea...

    higgylm How do you expect things to look if i were to actually open Pidgin? edit: Hmm, looking at my reply it looks I think it looks a bit aggresive, but it's not. I'm just curious
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    Wind And Water: Puzzle Battles Official For The Dreamcast!

    I think you ought to push this game onto PSN so i can buy it there. edit: I've seen games with less content go for 12-15 USD there, DO IT
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    Coding In Ubuntu

    Setting up a build enviroment in linux? Install compiler. done! God bless packet managers! I'd suggest you start off with just a texteditor (gedit maybe? or nedit) and compile manually. I can't stress that enough. I've been a teacher assistent in a java course (in university level), and by the...
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    Complete GPH 4.1 Firmware Source Code Released

    If you CAN get low enough, then i don't see any reason to change this? Remembering sound levels are up to eah program of course. I can't use anything above 1 in picodrive on my F100 (which is to loud if i wan't to hear anything from my surroundings) If you want lower volume (without hardware...