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    Just noticed that Humble Bundle has a few sega games on offer. There are 10 Genesis games in those unlocked if you pay $6 or more. link
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    Nick May releases a CD

    In which case I suspect the number 818 would be more apt. :P Edit: Waldor - there's another game that needs to be completed.
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    Nick May releases a CD

    Ha Ha! None of the above.
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    Nick May releases a CD

    No but oddly Nick was but the 88 has another meaning. :P Edit: and no I'm not two fat ladies before anyone suggests that.
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    Nick May releases a CD

    Thanks Link. Just to clear up any confusion. Nick is my son. Musical talent skipped a generation. :P
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    Nick May releases a CD

    Hello, Warning! Blatant plug alert.  Nick has contributed music for a number of pandora game projects (Panjoust, greyout and puzzletube to name a few). Those of you that liked his game music may be intrested in his new album....[link] Thanks for reading, -Simon.
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    Using Pandora as primary device?

    I've been using the latest version of firefox.  Can be a little slow at times but it's reasonably stable. Midori was my favourite but it suddenly got unstable. That may have been temporary but I've switched now. I had great plans for the Pandora to be my everything, it's with me all the...
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    SuperZaxxon v.54 Final has been released!

    Just a word of thanks of the ongoing work being done here. Did the double update thing.  Like the addition of the SD mass storage option to the that status bar icon thingy.
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    Using the Pandora to rescue a duff SD card.

    The Slackware route is a valid option. Thanks to Linux-SWAT's hard work and wiki page. All the goodies are there. I've only played with testdisk so far and not had much joy. The SD card still thinks it's 32Mb.
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    Using the Pandora to rescue a duff SD card.

    The card is not working in the phone directly and it is the same adapter that gives me some joy in the Pandora. I had wondered if another adapter might impove things though. Yup! I mentioned those above. A dd rescue and those two would be awsome in the OS. I'd flash them in if they were...
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    Using the Pandora to rescue a duff SD card.

    Now that's an idea... thanks. One for the morrow though.
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    Using the Pandora to rescue a duff SD card.

    My son has a Sandisk Ultra 32Gb micro sd card. If I put it in an fullsized adaptor and into my usb card-reader on my main PC - Nothing.  It does not register as device. True for win7, ubuntu 11.something and CentOS6. The Pandora is the only system that seems to see something inserted.  It too...
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    Wandor the game is it still being made?

    It would be good to get the music out there in the public domain too.  The main theme has been the ring tone on my mobile since the early days of the project. I guess as a community we just need to keep bumping this topic every few months to add encouragement/pressure to the project.
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    Should ED stop delivering units to Craig?

    That's the fella! Just couldn't but a name to the face! Seriously we should start a kick starter campain for 11 disciples for ED. Before you ask about the 12th I have that reserved for someone. :P    And I am only joking.