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    Dragon's Lair - September 16 (C4A competition)

    That's true, but at least there is a time limit, so you can't stay in the same level forever. Though I'm not sure if that's enough to fix the problem as the game does get really difficult really soon, and at that point it's probably more efficient (at least score wise) to just keep shooting the...
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    Dragon's Lair - August 16 (C4A competition)

    Not completely sure I understand what you're saying (probably because of my bad English), but anyway... You mean how fast it gets by the time you reach my top score? Well, I guess that depends on how many rows you clear at once. Maybe if you managed to always clear eight rows at once (yeah, not...
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    Release Krystal Drop

    Looks like your first score is not submitted to C4A but after the first game it seems to work fine. I tried clearing the appdata folder and it happened again in the first game. Oh, and thanks for another great port.
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    Dragon's Lair - August 16 (C4A competition)

    Looks like your first score in Krystal Drop is not submitted to C4A but after the first game it seems to work fine. It happened to me too and I just tried clearing the appdata folder and it happened again. I'll make a post in the release thread too in case ptitSeb is more likely to notice it there.
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    You can copy the file to /media/nameOfYourSDCard/pandora/appdata/PanDebian/debootstrap/debootstrap and edit it there. It will be used instead of the file in the PND.
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    Beta ResidualVM

    Tried all the drivers where the version number starts with 4.04 but all I get is a black screen for a split second and the game exits after that. Guess I'll have to use the software renderer then. Not sure if it's much help but the Monkey Island 4 intro and cutscenes do work for me with the...
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    Beta ResidualVM

    I get this kind of error when starting Grim Fandango or Escape From Monkey Island on a CC Pandora when using the default renderer: Both games started when I switched to software renderer, but Grim Fandango seems to run a lot less smoothly than with the previous ResidualVM PND, especially...
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    NetHack 3.6.0 - Pandora Specific Controls [Hacky Build]

    The previous NetHack PND uses xmodmap to change the D-pad to hjkl keys before the game is started. In my opinion D-pad + yubn work great for movement once you get used to it.
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    Release Pale Moon

    Looks like command line arguments, that consist of more than one word, don't work. For example: /usr/pandora/scripts/ -p "/media/mysdcard/pandora/menu//palemoon.pnd" -e "" -b "palemoon" -- -P profilename /usr/pandora/scripts/ -p...
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    Release hocoslamfy (Flappy bird clone)

    Works great. Thanks.
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    Release hocoslamfy (Flappy bird clone)

    Thanks for porting this. What about using one of the gaming buttons instead of space? My best score so far: 116.
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    Solved the problem by copying the file called launcher from the PanDebian PND to PanDebian's appdata folder and replacing the line at the end that said exec "$PDROOT/" su "$DEBUSER" -c lxpanel with exec "$PDROOT/" su "$DEBUSER" -c 'lxpanel & sleep 2 && wmctrl -x -r...
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    Just upgraded to Jessie a few days ago and now the panel containing the menu button in the top left corner appears on the top of most windows. I figured you can move the panel below other windows by running "wmctrl -x -r panel.lxpanel -b add,below" but you need to run this every time you start...
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    Release Dave Gone Apeshit

    Happens to me too. Sometimes the game "unfreezes" after you wait a few minutes but I'm not sure if the game actually resumes at the same place and the timer has a different number than when it froze. I have the CC model and probably the default graphics driver.
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    The Tube app no longer working?

    This happened to me at least once and I think deleting libpndman's appdata folder solved the problem.