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    Pandora NanoLemmings [Original Game]

    By the way, all these timings are on full-res images. The game itself appears to be half-res, which would of course speed everything up by at least another factor of 4. (8x for the blurring part)
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    Pandora NanoLemmings [Original Game]

    Nice! About the speed; the code is largely unoptimized but has never taken longer than 5-7 seconds on a single core here (i5 laptop). I just added a bunch of basic tricks (reduce branching in inner loops, etc), and using -O3 compiler optimization, everything ended up between 1.2s (cheese) and...
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    Pandora NanoLemmings [Original Game]

    There. I attached the code including all data needed to reproduce these examples. Compile on unixoid system and run as follows: ./LevelGenerator <infile.png> <outfile.png> <style>   Definition files (*.mdef) are provided for styles greenhell, cheese, atmo1 to atmo4. My favorite is atmo1 :)...
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    Pandora NanoLemmings [Original Game]

    Here are two early examples. Still buggy as hell (artifacts on the cheese world) but already lots of fun to play around with :)
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    Pandora NanoLemmings [Original Game]

    In the process of hacking together a little tool that renders beautiful procedural worlds out of ugly PNG level designs. Will keep you posted about the progress :)
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    Donating my Pandora to Waitlisted Developer

    *bump* Any updates? I'm always curious to see what my old Pandora has been up to lately :)
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    Should ED stop delivering units to Craig?

    Have you considered asking him for ALL the remaining addresses?
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    Tesla Model S Electric Car

    I feel that it nicely summarizes the current state of things (and mind) at OpenPandora Ltd, which should be of great interest to their creditors.
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    Tesla Model S Electric Car

    Can we pin this post to the front page or something?
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    Official Rules and Guidelines

    Freeware only, or are paid titles also allowed? (Not that I want to participate; the rules are just not clear about it)
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    Investor forum?

    Sounds interesting, since I happen to have invested all of our family savings in OpenPandora GmbH :-) Where would I find that forum?
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    Accessing Shop in Canada not possible

    Works here (Telus/Vancouver)...
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    Pandora or laptop?

    Uhm, Photoshop? (Don't say GIMP; it lacks so many features and can't do 16 bits per channel, essential for scientific image editing or even just photos) Uhm, Illustrator? (Don't say Inkscape; so full of bugs it blows my mind)
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    Switchback to the old black cases

    Transparent case would not only require a different material with different shrinkage coefficient etc., but also a substantial upgrade to the mold (beautification of internal surfaces that suddenly become visible).
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    The current situation

    Forgive my ignorance, but I still don't quite get why you don't sue the hell out of Circuit Co (link points to Mr_Loon's unanswered question to Craig). If things are so clearly in OpenPandora's favour, this should be a lot more efficient than yet another round of donations and paid upgrades...