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    Firmware 3.0.0 Released

    Yesterday i also tried to update my GP2X with firmware 3.0.0. However, something didn't go exactly right... At first i thought that the updating process was doing fine. But after the black screen stayed on for about 15 to 20 minutes, i got a little worried. I just pulled the powercord out of...
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    Gp2x File Arcive

    Very sad, realy! I hope this guy never ever gets another ISP in his life. That should teach 'em! What's the fun in posting sad comments and hacking good sites anyway? Wanted some attention, little baby? Maybe you should put some more effort in making a nice game or something, and get some...
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    Tv-out Problems: Only Black & White, Or Just Color With Distortion

    But my TV actualy has an S-Video input in the front of the TV. Together with a red an white stereo cable.
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    Tv-out Problems: Only Black & White, Or Just Color With Distortion

    Today i finaly got my S-Video to Scart cable with the mail. A few hours after i got it, i tried it out, and came to the conclusion that the TV-Out method was not the thing that i expected from the GP2X. When i connected it to my Joytech AV Center 2, it gave me a colored image on the TV with...
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    Promoting The Gp2x Further...

    Yesterday i went to Amsterdam with a bunch of friends, and i saw this Dutch Linux Magazine in a bookstore with the word "GP2X" on the cover :D There actualy was a review of about one or two pages in the magazine. It's actualy realy cool to see the console get more and more attention!
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    The Next Advert

    My point realy is, not to mention the consoles by name, but mention them in another way. A way so it's not possible to have these Nintendo dudes against you in any kind of way. When the phrase would just say something like "It's possible to emulate consoles up to 32 bits", it would be lot more...
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    The Next Advert

    Nice ad, some things could be a little better, but it is realy good i think! Maybe mention the kind of bits the consoles use. Not all people are into the C64 thing, but are into the 8 or 16 bits home videogame consoles (NES, etc). And by the way, where is GPenguin? :( I realy think that if he...
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    Dis Thing Looks Ok

    Normaly i don't realy react on these kind of topics, but this does it! :lol: Girl, have yourself a nice comfortable Google session tomorrow, will ya? All these questions you have been asking easily can be found through Google, and the official GP2X wiki. They have been ask over and over...
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    New Hackaday Posting

    Lol. I know this guy (virtualy) from the forums down at :) He posted it there this morning. Forgot to tell it here though... Personaly i wouldn't cut my case or something like it. Although it defenetely ads a nice extra functionality.
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    The Next Advert

    There are a lot of ways it can be written: Neo Geo NeoGeo Neo•Geo Neo-Geo And so on... I bet the people that have worked there don't even know for sure which one the good one is :)
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    The Next Advert

    It's written as "NeoGeo" actualy. I find the ad a little too grey actualy. And as a customer i personaly don't like very much text being used in an ad. I just want to see plain pictures, and the functions named in a listing. I don't like the long sentences and stuff like that. All i want to see...
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    A little... :)
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    The Next Advert

    Don't forget to add GPengu in the advertising! It's the thing that people will fall in love with! :)
  14. M Down?!?

    Well, they aint bankrupt, thats for sure :) Not that i am their financer or anything like it... Come on people, don't freak out just because of some server incident! It's just a thing that could happen to anybody who has a website :)
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    Drmd V5 Beta 5 - Fixes Flickering Lines

    Mega Drive Paperboy: When you drive by the houses on your bicycle, the colors of all the houses on screen change at the same time, instead of only one. Normaly only one house changes color, while the other houses stay the color they already are. But now all the houses suddenly change color...