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    Worst Joke Of A System Ever

    how could not be mentioned, and I don't agree with the 3do, Saturn, or N-gage. :P
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    Another World

    though i agree with most of the review, the game is visually cool, but the dificulty factor would not warrant a 9.5 out of 10. I'd say 7 out of 10 at most.
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    Worst Joke Of A System Ever

    I agree with you, the Saturn is one of my favorite systems that I own.
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    Worst Joke Of A System Ever

    sorry, to be more specific. I own a Jaguar, but these fanbois are trying to argue with me that the Jag was on par with the Saturn and PS1. I"m trying to tell them they're insane if they think that.
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    Youth Risking His Step Dad's Job

    unless he hates him and wants to get him fired, but if not, yeah, he really didn't think before he acted.
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    Quite New To The Gp32 Saga..

    wtf SNES emu are you using that most games are not playable unless 3-4 framskip and transperancy hack?? I have at least a dozen SNES games on my GP32 and all play perfectly fine at frameskip 1 without sound and SuperPunchout actually plays perfect at frameskip 1 w/sound. Honest to god, SNES is...
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    Worst Joke Of A System Ever

    I'm having an arguement on another forum and wanted to see what you guys thought. Atari Fanbois seem to be worse than Nintendo fanbois :blink:
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    What Is The Chance Of A Gp32 Emulator For Mac

    seriously doubt it, if there hasn't been one made by now, then there probably won't be one in the future, especially with all the talk about a new GP coming out soon.
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    Weird Smc

    i haven't tried yet. I'm going to try when i get home from work. I was just dumbfounded when it was auto booting BOR instead of going to the launcher to choose the file.
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    How Did You Found Out About The Gp32?

    i was going through the complete list of systems on, i saw GP32 and never heard of it, i clicked the link and eventually found my way to this site. It only took me about 2 months of asking questions and trolling until I decided to buy one.
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    Weird Smc

    lol, that was the first thing i did. I formatted the card in Pac-rom, which i don't think did anything, after that i put the card in the card reader and set up the directories, and then put all the stuff where it needed to go and now this happened. The other 2 smc i have had since i got my...
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    Weird Smc

    In the 2 years of owning a GP32, nlu and now a flu unit, i've never had this problem and i don't know what is causing it. I got 2 more 128 mb SMC, one for BOR and the other i'm not sure what i'm going to do with. I put the new SMC in my card reader and setup the directory structure. I put...
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    Next Gen Survey In Japan

    PS2 and XboX were both sold below cost of making it. Most systems are, and $100 is not bad. Game systems rely on the software for them to make the money, not hardware sales.
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    Next Gen Survey In Japan

    i'm sure you mean genes. Unless they really do pass down an old pair of 501s :blink: