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    Huge News

    and here i was, confusing your previous avatar with a detail of the goatse dude i am ashamed...
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    Yoyo's OGG Player

    well, that's it really... the mp3 players have suckass bass support.
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    Which OS are you

    hmm, i ended up as Amiga OS too...
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    SMC Tip

    neat, but i have no trouble removing SMC's from my gp...
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    Napster Returns - LEGIT???

    if i want to pay for music i'll buy an album :P at least then i know the quality is good. mp3's are cool cause they are free, that's it
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    GP32 and FLU pool

    i never tried overclocking so i can't help you there
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    English ASR petition

    i signed just now :)
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    Developers will start porting psx games? how?

    1 mbyte = 8 mbit, i guess. so you're both right then ey :)
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    how to get smaller size

    why don't you buy a bigger CD-R then? :S
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    GP32 Zelda: OOT 2D - Would be cool for GP32

    err, he's talking about a 2D remake from a Nintendo 64 game. You can't play that with a SNES emu :S
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    Dreamcast on my GP32!!!

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    GameCube, PS2 question

    buy an ordinairy gamecube and get the Freeloader disc. it somehow emulates other region codes. i have a PAL cube and i play the american Metroid Prime on it, and the japanese version of Soul Calibur 2 (couldn't wait 6 months for those tossers to translate it to english >_<)
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    fGB First Release

    haha, bionic commando is brilliant!
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    GP32 ROX!

    wtf do you need 5 GP32's for? :S
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    the max???

    it's the one i got off gp32divx, it's 12FPS. sound 24kb/11025hz i think. it's very doable, but if you want real good quality, you should cut it and recode it on 2 smc's...