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    [Pcsx4All] Looking For Betatesters

    this is awesome! PCSX4ALL is on the way! :)
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    Animatch Caanoo V1.0

    Animatch is one of my favorite games, i play it everyday. Very very good game! :) Thanks so much ruckage! You rock!
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    Caanoo-Hugo: Pc Engine Emulator For Caanoo V1.1.0

    awesome man! Thanks for this great release! :)
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    How To Use Mp3 Lyrics Feature?

    I just read in the Caanoo manual (included on the CDROM with your caanoo) that you can use lyrics in your music. How do i set up my caanoo to display the lyrics? The manual says there must be a lyrics file present, how can i do this? Thanks for any information! :)
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    Animatch Caanoo V1.0

    this game is awesome, very nice quality.
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    Railroad Rampage Caanoo Port For Testing!

    Yes, the bennugd runtime folder needs to go into your game folder.
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    What Size Sd Cards Does Everyone Use?

    I use an ADATA 32gb Class 10 Card. Its awesome! :)
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    Gpsp Is Out!

    all i know is its going to take a hell of an emu to beat PicoDrive, its a masterpiece! :)
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    Official Ginge Request Thread!

    Awesome! You are the man notaz!
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    Gpsp Is Out!

    lmao, you act like gpsp has a disease. XD yeah maybe you are right. Things arent so bad. ;)
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    Wiz Or Caanoo

    hardware is tricky business...
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    Gpsp Is Out!

    great.. dont tell me notaz is turning his back on caanoo just like exophase :( this is turning out to be a crappy day *cries some more*
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    Gpsp Is Out!

    i just hope it works well going from a dpad to a joystick. (love the joystick btw)