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    Caanoo Can Run Psx, But Can It Run N64 And Dreamcast At The Same Speed

    I think this might be the solution to your N64 needs :lol:
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    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo As A Pc Controller

    If it were indeed possible to do this, it'd be really awesome!
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    Brand New Guy- Needing Help And Advice

    Well, I can't speak for the other handheld consoles since I only own a Caanoo, but putting aside it's faults, I love it! I don't regret buying it at least. Some of the emulators available for the Caanoo need a bit of work, but that's only a matter of waiting :). To find the Arcade roms, the...
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    Drpocketsnes 6.5.0 Caanoo

    Batman - Revenge of the Joker, screen just goes black, fps displayed is 60, buttons change nothing, can still go into the emu menu
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    Lcd Adjustment/utility

    I do hope they'll include some changes in the new firmware, the screen is obviously a huge battery drainer.
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    Brand New Guy- Needing Help And Advice

    A quick link here
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    Pcsx4All Caanoo Beta Testing Results

    Am I the only one where almost every game you try, after a certain amount of time, the emu/game freezes and you need to restart the Caanoo? Currently got the 1.06 firmware btw
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    ok, so replace the autorun.gpu, but which file do I need to rename?
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    Pcsx4All Caanoo Beta Testing Results

    I was wondering, where do I place a BIOS file and how should it be named? If, assuming that one is required, are there only some games that require them?
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    Gpsp Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire And Ruby

    I tried the .sav, but with no luck :(.
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    Snes9X4C Won't Work

    The NES emu is really slow and glitchy as well...
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    Gpsp Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire And Ruby

    and do what exactly? not really self explaining stuff there...
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    Warning - Don't Buy Fallout 3 New Vegas..

    I think Call of Duty had more bugs at launch than FO:NV imho, it reaally ruined the game.
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    Gp2Xmb For Gph Caanoo

    Great idea but the Game tab(?) shows the apps folder, the video section just shows half black and half grey. Just needs a bit of work :).
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    Pcsx4All Caanoo Beta Testing Results

    I'd like someone to clarify the significance of some of the settings, what exactly is changed with turning on RAM tweaking? What do CPU clock and Bias do? What happens exactly when changing the framskip value from say 2 to 9 and what does the game frame skipping help with?