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    Hu6280 Alpha V0.4 Released

    i can't seem to get this to run. The roms are in the correct folder, its at 200mhz, as soon as i load a rom, the screen gets a little brighter and then freezes! Roms do work fine with the other PC Engine emulator. Am i doing something wrong?
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    Hu6280 Alpha V0.2

    i have tried all the versions released so far and cannot get it to work. It loads ok, i select the rom, press R, and then the screen gets a little brighter and nothing else happens. Anyone else having this problem? is this something simple that i am doing wrong? Thanks :)
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    Mocca On Firmware 2.0.0

    Has anyone tried this? I seem to get lots of weird reset and black screens after running a program.
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    How Do I Change Gamma On Boot?

    Its ok, i got it to work. This works great with everything, except GnGeo, which is still too brighter. After changing the gamma, althrough everything is darker, gngeo is actually brighter! weird!
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    How Do I Change Gamma On Boot?

    Could somebody post the text file on here or a link to download it. Sorry to be a pain, but i have an apple mac, and the textedit only saves as a RTF
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    Gp2x - 2nd Edition - Screen Too Bright

    Hi, i have had the first edition and the screen was perfect, except for the scanlines. This was replaced with the 2nd edition one. The screen has always been too bright. 99% of the stuff is playable but GNGeo is sooo bright, i cannot see anything unless i tilt the GP2X. Scanlines are fine. I...
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    Mocca And Firmarw 2.0.0

    Hi, has anyone tried Mocca yet? I tried it with firmware 2.0.0 and it works great, but if you exit and try to open Mocca again, it brings up a black screen and nothing happens. Shame because this is such a cool program, it saves you having to go through menu upon menu when trying to open a...
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    Firmware 2.0.0 Released!!!!

    Just updated mine too. 2nd Edition Model 1. Copy all files to SD card. Hold Start and Select and turn on. Release. 2. Firmware loading page then green screen. 3. Turn off and hold start and select. Turn on. 4. Updating firmware, then patching, then formatting. Now Ready to use. Firmware 2.0.0 :)
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    Firmware 2.0.0 Next Week!

    anyone who's tried the beta version, does it fix the brightness issues?
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    Mocca 0.1

    i really love mocca. does anyone have any more skins? or schemes?
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    Unnamed Alternative Gp2x Menu

    ok, got it working now. run hexen and it locked up and then after i turned the gp2x off, it was stuck on the green loading screen. Flashed the gp2xfile from the bricked website and its working again. I think i will be cautious until this bug is fixed. Anyone else have this issue? I like Mocca...
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    Unnamed Alternative Gp2x Menu

    how do i use this script? i copied it to the shortcuts folder but nothing happened.
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    Nand Error Checking Program?

    I did try the latest Cramfs firmware and while the GP2X booted up quicker, instead of freezing when going to games or utilities, it would reset back to the main menu. This was better but i still found it impossible to load something. If only i could get the benefit of Mocca and Cramfs firmware...
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    Nand Error Checking Program?

    the reason i ask is because my gp2x seems to free when going to games or utilities but no where else. If i use Mocca i can run games. This would indicate bad NAND. or would it? thats why i was curious about some form of error checking program
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    Nand Error Checking Program?

    hi.. is there any programs which can check and verify the NAND? thanks