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    Minimenu Configuration Ui; What Do Uneed On It?

    use one config file
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    Quake With A Mouse?

    keyboard might not allow wasd + extra keys
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    Pandora App Store Suggestion

    looks great. (i imagined something like
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    Pandora App Store Suggestion

    my suggestion is to zip/tar everything, that way you can include the README and license
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    Development Bounties

    customizable emu front-end/launcher that doesn't rely on mouse/tap for input, simple config file(s)
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    Someone To Port Gelide ?

    can it be controlled with the dpad?
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    What Is Open Source And What Isn't
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    Porting Half Life To Pandora

    morons, get back to solving the nds screen estate problem
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    Help With Arch Linux

    try another connection manager. netcfg and wicd work in somewhat different ways edit: i dont do quotes
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    Universal "emulator Menu" Button

    doesn't matter for me, as long as they can be set with command-line args
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    Coders, Good Work So Far But One Tiny Request..

    plain text then. so porters paste the README file/man page into the PXML with tags around it? enlighten me!
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    Coders, Good Work So Far But One Tiny Request..

    just let text be text please
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    cool mockup bro
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    then wont you just have a bunch of people trying to sync their whole roms folder to their small sd? or trying to copy roms to their sd by syncing? what is this sync thing you talk about?
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    Pandora 2

    What's his order number?