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    The Communication Cube

    Had to look it up, but I lol'ed after that! Figures you guys like to get shot, over there in the Americas...
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    (Bad)Joke Appreciation Corner

    I just helped a girl in the supermarket. She was crying and I asked what happened and she had lost 200 euro. So I gave her 50 euro from the 200 I found at the entrance. When God blesses you, then you must bless others too. Spread the love.
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    Absurdism corner

    @Djoga'Ro Just install the three shells, those are much better and do not hurt.
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    Absurdism corner

    Funny and sharp:
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever) Oh, so wonderful! /sarcasm.
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    Stackoverflow got a new Code of Conduct, most downvoted post ever

    ... a Bunny of mass destruction? Run away! Run away! Well, how about a thing like Grammarly, that actually analizes who you are talking to and auto-fixes the pronouns?
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    Who knows? Maybe neighbours complained for a legitimate reason? And who took care that Pakistan has an atomic bomb? Exactly!
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    [SOFTWARE] Portable-Ansible on Pandora (instructions)

    @Magic Sam Thanks for trying it out. Well, if you "pip install ansible" I guess you will get 2.8.5 (released a month ago) and the other one is stuck in 2.8.0 and probably will not be updated anymore for Python 2.7 (which will get out of support by 2020). Otoh, when installing, say, new roles...
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    Interesting Crowdfunding Campaigns

    Sounds legit. get it? get it?
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    [SOFTWARE] Portable-Ansible on Pandora (instructions)

    We have Python on the Pandora, that means that we can run Ansible on top of it. Howto (ansible 2.8.0): Enable the Pandora's wifi or enable the network. Go to a fresh new directory on your SD card and from there: wget...
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    @Klumpen Excellent report (sprinkled with humor). They did not eschew the controversial topics. +1 like.
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    We need more drama. So here's another video.

    I saw your /S, you are not misunderstood Swordfish 2...
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    Vegetarian Awareness Month (October)

    Seasonal produce is cheap once the harvest comes. We have zucchini's at 50 cents... That looks delicious. Will give it a go.
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    Absurdism corner
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    From "Bart to the Future" Season 11 Episode 17 Year: 2000 (not a typo) Source: