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  • Send me an email describing your game - what plot you have so far and what kind of a world is it? Then any ideas for Bad Guys I have I'll email back - may even do a few rough concept scribbles if i get the time. =3
    if anything, i need help designing badguys.....i've came up with so many ideas before, that, i'm all out of ideas now.....and i hate reusing ideas. DX
    if you can do that, then sweet, if you can't find the time, then okay. ^^

    imma always just uses songs from other games, and that tends to work well enough. XD
    Or.. I may be able to make you some looping game tracks after season dies down... but I can't promise anything - I have hectic responsibilities and very little free time.
    i'm just not the composing type.

    unless i'm working with frequencies(measured in hertz), and arrays, i can't compose.

    now, when i was making music for the video game system i designed and made myself, i made beautiful music.

    and yes, tabby is epic. X3
    Oooo... sounds like a game I really want to play! I'll bet Tabby kicks butt! (while being uber cute at the same time) ;3

    Have you tried Fruity Loops? or as it's now called - FL Studio.

    I can't even read music and it was no problem putting a track together... for game music it would be even easier... Just make sure you download the 'Getting Started' gu...
    i'm actually working on making a game, where tabby is the hero. XD

    i'm making it in qbasic, and when i get comfortable with sdl, i'll port it to C++. :D

    it's a fantasy...AND sci-fi game, at the same time. XD

    and i'm the only one making it.....i'm doing the art, design, story, etc....

    the only thing i can't do is music, as i suck at com...
    Pretty worn out PokitFoxx ... work is crazy - 7 days a week 8 till late. Running a Restaurant is no laughing matter - especially now!

    How goes it with you? =)
    Yups! :D

    i should show you a picture of my character, tabby. XD

    imma doodle a quick picture of her on my laptop. XD
    Sure is. =3

    And thanx! =^.^=

    She's one of the characters from my stories.

    Cute huh?
    And I hope there'll be many more. Could I be the only one? =o_O= I have to get the word out!
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