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  • Recovering from an insane season work wise. Slowly regaining my optimism and eager to get involved in more development.
    I hope you guys don mind that I have read through, this and masterP, your game sounds pretty awesome, if you require any additional help just shoot me a PM :)
    Alright. I'll give it some thought. One condition though... Any creatures I create are open, so anyone can use them. Unless you have a couple of specific ideas yourself that you would like me to render - in other words; your own intellectual property.
    so with every creature you create, i try to create a 16x16 pixel sprite of said creature, and animations for said creature. :3

    imma already has a design for the possessors.

    the older tabby creates them, using a dark aura she has.

    all i'd need from you, is to create creatures, this game is a mixture of fantasy, and science fiction(so there will be fox anthros with plasma scythes. XD), so you can pretty much create whatever you want for this.
    So what power does older Tabby have that is used to generate evil creatures? Are they created? Summoned? Possessed innocents? Mutated? Native creatures given a dark purpose by the command of Tabby?
    most likely, the guy tabby likes won't reveal this, but the great evil will probably be an older version of tabby.....tabby has to find a way to keep from becoming that evil older tabby, while fighting to save the world, etc.
    a quick note, the guy she loves, is a well-known hero....she tabby is a bit confused as to why he's having her do it.....he's kinda like protoman from the megaman games, as he appears when tabby is in a pinch, and kicks arse. XD
    that's the plot so far.

    i still need to fill in quite a few parts, and i need to work on, but i'm more worried about the game engine working right now than the plot......as the engine is my first per-pixel scrolling engine(which is hard to do in qbasic).
    and that if she is to defeat the evil, she must first prove herself, and defeat valentine.
    *is made of a chaotic energy, and that the beam separated tabby into two people(she had two personalities, this split the personalities apart), tabby(the good side), and valentine(the evil side), and he then explains about a great evil(i need to think up what the great evil will be)m and tells tabby, that her distiny is to defeat the evil(continued)
    the plot so far:

    The hero, Tabby, received a letter from a guy she loves, telling her to go to a small forest near the village she lives in.....

    as she enters the forest, a mysterious blast hits her, knocking her out.

    as she wakes up, she sees a dark version of herself, who vanishes as she gets up.

    the guy she likes appears, telling her, that creature if ma...
    As you wish. Though I do find it very curious.

    You've left the option for Bad Guys very open. I could think of myriad characters, though you'll have to be more specific with your plot.

    ... or at the very least, what you hope to achieve with this game.

    please understand, i have my reasons, and i do not wish to use ANY email for this.
    Interesting. What's the anti towards email? if it's security reasons you could always create some anonymous random gmail account, handle emails on the gmail web page as opposed to downloading to your comp. vie a mail client and then leave that gmail account completely dormant when you don't need it. Nothing needs to touch your computer, nobody needs to know who you are,
    i'm not using email please.....

    anyways, it's a fantasy game, with a touch of sci-fi in it.....so the world, is like earth, except there's anthros, kobolds, orcs, mermaids, harpies, etc.

    i would like it if you could just pm me any ideas...

    and i'm still working on a plot, i have quite a bit finished, but i still have some parts to try to fill in.
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